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Xamarin & Mobile & Web Developer & 3D, 2D Perfect Design

Username: zhengnami13

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Location: Shenyang, China

Member since: April 2013



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  • €450.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller Raizen21


    19 days ago

    great working with. Listening carefully to requirements . I would rehire again.

    Project Description:Hello, We have developed a complete and functional web service in WCF(.Net) and have a developed a working android app with it. We now want to have a similar version for iOS . In this first phase, the...
  • $2680.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dsweany


    20 days ago

    Zheng is an excellent developer with incredible knowledge. I would definitely recommend him and would hire again without question.

    Project Description:Write an application that uses the built in iPhone accelerometer technology. Very similar to the iPing and PerfectPutt applications with some unique differences. Golfer would be required to purchase an iPing cradle that holds the iPhone and attaches to the putter...
  • $2880.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller o0JoeCool0o


    Jun 12, 2014

    Fantastic work. Was able to get around complex issues, definitely will rehire.

    Project Description:I need an Android version of the PSPDFKit framework, with hand written annotations that look the same quality and smoothness as the pspsdfkit one. We have a project we made in ios in pspdfkit that needs...
  • $1052.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller tomii955


    Jun 9, 2014

    The app has been completed.

    Project Description:Concrete calculator The Concrete Calculator can be used to estimate the volume of the concrete you will need for the size, or area, of the land that needs to be covered. The size of the area can be specified using rulers or using the drawing tool...
  • $504.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller aliemami


    Jun 7, 2014

    awesome experience<br/>few times i have worked with him, he is very pleasant to work with and excellent programmer <br/>he is one of the best programmers i ever have worked with. I would hire him again. <br/>great programmer, awesome to work with and a great communicator. I will continue work with him for rest of my project

    Project Description:to finish an iphone music application, the work is almost 90% complete the candidate should have following expertise: - be expert in creating application using xib files - be expert in pre ARC applications...
  • $1286.20 USD
    Profile image for Seller hkbilly828


    May 23, 2014

    Good, On Time, Nice. Very nice

    Project Description:Write an iPhone application for socket + stock quote I have a server have provide json data (web socket []) you need to create a iphone application (using tab controller and tableview to store...
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller bmrlau


    May 16, 2014

    Zheng is a Smart Developer, and is always there for support in case of any problems, and perfect communication through the whole project.

    Project Description:Correct a bug fix in who viewed my profile.
  • $650.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rzckh123


    May 5, 2014

    Awesome work<br/>

    Project Description:Additional functionality.
  • $1295.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller magnusandersen


    Apr 30, 2014

    Yeah hes good :)

    Project Description:I need an app where users can store credit card number, expire date and cvc code. The program should need a security code to start, selected by the users upon first start of the app. Then add-edit-delete for every card...
  • $4937.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rzckh123


    Apr 22, 2014

    Good developer, work hard finish tasks fast.<br/>Good work!<br/>Good!<br/>quick and fast, definitely will hire again.<br/>Good work, on budget and on time<br/>Good job<br/>great work, nice and fast<br/>Good, solve problem very quick!<br/>Good work, solve problem quick and clear, explain code nicely. Definitely will hire again in the future.

    Project Description:We need a skilled iOS developer cooperate with us as a consultant with follow skills:\r\n1. Familiar with coreLocation/GPS service, coreData(might or might not need, depend on how we handle localized data), data validation and other basic iOS SDK function.\r\n2...
    Zhengnami has not completed any projects.
  • $4842 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $31 USD/hr In Progress

    Hellowe are developing new mobile apps based on Wordpress.we need professional freelancers that familiar with BOTH WordPress and PhoneGap.if you have 3+ years you can bid !thank you.

  • $4842 AUD In Progress

    - Endorsement System- Fix Bug List

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $36 USD/hr In Progress

    Experienced programmer wanted for Xamarin project.Applications from programmers with proven experience ONLY.We need a prototype mobile application build in Xamarin for Android.The purpose is a general application for field service / delivery, including:- local database for offline functionality- Multi treated, background communication with webservice, when having Network connection, logging GPS-position every 10 secs (configurable)- Login - call to webservice- Load route from webservice (a route is a set of stops; adresses to visit and to perform a task; fx delivery or field service)- Display a list of stops for the loaded route- Select a stop on the list, show a page with details for the stop eg. name, address, phone number- Show stop on a map and enable navigation to the address- Signature capture for proof of delivery. Save the signature in the database.- Report the stop as done, register the actual date/time and GPS-position in the local database- In the background send the information to webservice whenever possibleThe prototype should be documented and we should be able to continue the work ourselves.

  • €1443 EUR In Progress

    Our company is looking for an Android App developers. The application already exists on iOS device, now it must be developed on android mobile and tablet. The app present on mobile phone is dedicated to customers, that on tablet is dedicated to the merchants.The mobile app allows the customers to purchase product directly from the app and receive coupon and special offers from the merchants.The two apps will communicate with a backend server through restful php web services already implemented.Those web services will let apps fetching data in the XML format.We have attached a wireframe in order to let you understand the app main functionalities.Once the project is taken in charge a specification document will be provided with all the details about communication web services.The project is very urgent and it should be developed in one week once the technical requirements will be provided with. We will deliver the requirement on Friday 10th January and the project must be completed on Friday 17th January.

  • $35 USD/hr In Progress

    I know you get this request all the time and I am in now way trying to low ball this project. I studied math and many of my peer in university studied computer science and I first hand know this is a huge project. But I also know the average going rates for software development so lets play fair ball pure business/service. I need to develop a website with a monthly registration fee as well as a very small transaction fee. As you may know Vaporizers and associated items are becoming a large consumer interest. I am the founder of Vaporize-IT Distribution Corp. I have created a web or net between local (socal) wholesalers and local (socal) retailers. BUt this is growing to large for me to manage on my own. My niche is that &quot;on hand inventory&quot; is deliverable within 6 hrs and my &quot;on call inventory&quot; is available in 24 hours. We mark up the item on average (emphasis) average 35%. My on hand inventory is once the order is received is delivered by a driver within 6 hrs and my on call is delivered by a drivr within 24hrs. BUT! I want to give a retailer the option of being a wholesaler as well for certain items. If they must order some they might as well order a lot and wholesale a portion to another retailer. THey can choose to send it themselves, or have a driver of mine pick it up and deliver the item for an added cost than can be divided by both parties evenly. THe seller should be able to choose his payment option be it Cash on Delivery or Cash on Order. It is imperative that this site is exclsively for retailers (who identity should be masked with only location of store available to view to prevent retailers fueling neighboring competing stores. This exclusivity can be maintained by invite only memebership. Im willing to put up funds to have this done well for I feel it has a huge growth potential.

  • $1546 USD In Progress

    Hi, i need a good developer to improve completly a componant community poll in my website joomla, if you do a good and speed job tell me. For all task tell me in skype [ USERNAME = nojmoi ].

  • $180 USD In Progress

    I have a client that uses Smugmug to display photos from his events. He&quot;s looking to have his Smugmug account perfectly match his header/nav and footer with his website. Smugmug:

  • $824 USD In Progress

    Looking for professional to do the Mobile Optimizayion of our B2B platform http://www.italianbrandsdistribution.comWe are also looking for someone to do the Mobile App for our offer system for members to register, login and send to their friends, sharing, etc.Our offer system page:

  • [Sealed] /hr Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $4210 AUD Today

    Project Description: I am constructing a data storage application for IOS and android. I would like to have a PDF viewer/editor available in the application to edit and email/save documentation. I will need the developer to build the User interface and editor only with SDK&quot;s from These SDK&quot;s are for the editing tools found in the PDF editor. I have a full scope of works for the job that will be given out to people upon request. The PDF function will be used for form filling, signing and emailing. We want to use fillable PDF&quot;s that can be configured for companies for their employees to fill out. – please see the attached example of the sort of file we would like to use.Features required to be input into the editor using Android PDF SDK&quot;s:PDF reader and editor frameworkPDF signature input Form filling Save as / email ability Once the coding is built the programers will need to input the software into my application on both IOS and Android frameworks. I will provide a scope of works to the successful freelancer to view and sign before progressing with the work. Please do not underestimate this work, it requires great amount of skill and resources to complete the work. An example of what i am after can also be found at,

  • $6842 USD Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $4210 USD Today

    I am looking for a developer/development shop that can create a NATIVE Android Application.This is an application in the fashion space.I need a developer/(development shop) with experience doing the following activities:Mock ups/WireframesAPI constructionServer side scriptingDeveloping logic of the application on androidIntegrating logic with user interfaceFYI - I have a Product requirement document (PRD) for the mobile application; however I will require flexibilityon the developer(s) end in terms of implementation of specific requirements.Ultimately I would like some level of iteration with myself (leading user assessment testing) and the development team.I want features ultimately to be user driven, with the PRD serving as the foundation for the development,and not the roadblock to a good user experience.As part of the BID- Please submita)Sample of Native Android Applications you have done/ Names of said applicationsb)Any other information that will be helpful in evaluating your ability to develop the application.

  • $7368 USD Today

    I made a board game like risk and need someone to make it playable on the an android device. I have been trying to do this for years but was ripped off twice. therefore I will demand a contract with an attorney for a middleman.

  • $1473 USD Today

    We are using Siberian CMS - opensource: Siberian CMS provides a user interface to create mobile applications. We need development of the feature to be reusable for multiple clients. It can be a Website or a Mobile feature but it has to be compatible with Siberian CMS and will require User Login credentials to access. We need a feature built to support Selective Push Notifications that can use Metadata as a filter for messages based on the User\&quot;s selected preferences. Similarly, the Client can use Metadata set by the Client about the User from an external source database to push messages to those Users that meet the selected criteria. Thirdly, we need the ability for a Sponsor (Client Advertiser) to enable push communications based on Metadata from the User Preferences and the Client defined Metadata to push notifications to the User.The User will be able to respond to push notifications initiated by the Client or Sponsor. The Client or Sponsor can schedule events as well that the Users can respond to affirming or denying participation. Included In the feature:Title: Trigger: Information sent include the following types:- Text- Forms- Images- Schedule Events- track confirmations and rejections from Users Response Options:From User: - Text response- Forms completed- Images attached- Confirmation of Events & Load to calendar

  • £2947 GBP Yesterday

    We are a small UK start-up who are creating a multi-platform system for our customers. We have created an iPhone application (not yet released). We need a web application to partner this but it will also contain some extra administration features.We require an Android application as part of the project and are open to one developer for both platforms. It is effectively a duplication of the iOS app but we do have Android specific designs ready. The budget listed is for the Web application only, the budget for both platforms is naturally more sizeable. If you are able to complete both projects please mention this. We would preferably like to meet with the developer in London in the very near future. We have designs ready for the web application which we will go through in more detail. We require the job to completed by the end of August.

  • $2947 USD Yesterday

    Looking for someone to write and help me design an app that works similar to sound hound. Similar to the sound hound app, it would be able to listen to the song playing, tell you what the song is and who the artist is but then it would search the to find the song for free or purchase for for the user to download and add to their playlist.

  • £2631 GBP Yesterday

    We are a small UK start-up who are creating a multi-platform system for our customers. We have created an iPhone application (not yet released) and we would like to create an Android application to partner it. We have Android specific designs ready for use, and we want these used in conjunction with the iOS app effectively duplicating it to Android. We require a web application as part of the project and are open to one developer for both platforms. We have designs ready for the web application, it is quite similar to the mobile apps. The budget listed is for the Android application only, the budget for both platforms is naturally more sizeable. If you are able to complete both projects please mention this. We would preferably like to meet with the developer in London in the very near future. We require the job to completed by the end of August.

  • €1473 EUR Yesterday

    I need an application which can do the following:- User must be able to create a profile either by entering information or by register via other Social Media.- Locate the device when user is close to WiFi spot and automatically &quot;check-in&quot;.- Gather statistics of users connected to a specific WiFi spot and make the statistics available to other users.Freelancer must do the programming and create the interface of the software.

  • [Sealed] /hr Yesterday

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $4842 USD 2 days ago

    I need a hybrid application for iPhone and/or iPad designed and coded.

  • $26 USD/hr 3 days ago

    I have a contract position opening up where I need a couple of programmers on the team. The high level requirements are that the client wants to take their existing website and convert it into a CMS system (possibly WordPress, possibly Sharepoint, or any other one). There will be a decent amount of architecture/design involved for how the database should be setup, codebase to be layed out...etc as well as a decent amount of programming. The client wants to get a rough estimate on hourly rates for different programmers. What they are looking for is as follows:1) Lead Programmer - needs to have at least 4-5+ years of experience. This programmer will be in charge of the architecture/design, will be working closely with our project manager and web designer2) Secondary Programmer - needs to have at least 2+ years of experience. This programmer will be working along side with the lead programmer and assisting in any way possible.What I am looking for is1) A lead programmer who is in the USA or Canada that can work remotely during the day, call into conference meetings with the client and project manager and fully understand and lead the development. -- Need hourly rate for this programmer.2) A lead programmer who is offshore in any other country that can work remotely during the day or night. They may need to call into meetings as necessary. -- Need hourly rate for this programmer.3) A secondary programmer who is in the USA or Canada that can work remotely during the day -- Need hourly rate for this programmer4) A secondary programmer who is offshore in any other country that can work during the day or night. -- Need hourly rate for this programmer.The project cycle should be somewhere around 8-10 months according to the client. This may extend once the project begins and its determined that it may take longer to complete.Please submit your hourly rates along with which of the 4 programmer types I am looking for along with your skillset. I need to submit this to the client by this weekend.

  • $315 USD 3 days ago

    Our requirements:-Android Application (.APK)-Program only code using titanium studio-Local database to store the data using SQLLite-Bug free and a full running application-Done by the dateline.Find attachment. i will send interface and source. i need some functions and database work.thanks

  • $30 USD/hr 3 days ago

    I need an OSX app developer with experience building custom UI elements. I have some fairly simple (and *very* beautiful) custom UI elements which need to be built and laid out for a Mac OSX application. You will commit your work daily to GitHub.Note: You must either have Mac apps in the App Store that I can review or be able to share code for one that you have built in order to get this gig.

  • $31 USD/hr 3 days ago

    0Freelancersviewing right now501TOTALviewsProject Description: We need 1 to 2 really good developers that can help us make some updates to our product. I cant go in to a lot of detail here but i can say some of the specific technologies you will need to be proficient in. Next to each technology we have put a number which will represent your skill level on a scale 1-5 on these technologies. ubuntu (3)gdal2tiles (3)nodejs (5) actionhero express kue expressjsmongodb (4)elasticsearch (4)rivers (3)JavaScript(5)Bootstrap(5)CSS3(4)To apply for this please link us to your work so we can see what you know. This can be samples, github account, stackoverflow account etc.. something for us to get a feel for your work and interests.We are looking to make this hire pretty quickly and expect the work to be 2-3 weeks.

  • $4842 USD 3 days ago

    I need someone to develop an Android app and a website for my project. The website is an e-commerce site which sells electronic documents. I do not expect you to develop it from scratch, but to customize one based on a popular open source shopping program such as Zen Cart. The app should support most Android versions and different screen sizes. The lowest version I expect you to support is 2.3. Details of the development will be sent to you through PM.

  • $1578 USD 3 days ago

    I want an app for maids on demand.. Similar to &quot;Twilit&quot;

  • $25263 HKD 3 days ago

    I need a native application for any operating system / device coded, no design required.

  • €18 EUR/hr 3 days ago

    We need to migrate our HTML5 webapp to Android using XDK IntelWe DO NOT give source code, so we need to do the work with teamviewer

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Mobile Software Development

Jan 2010 - Dec 2011 (1 year)

Shanghai Guangming Software Development Co., Ltd.

I developed many mobile business apps.


Software engineer

Shanghai University of Engineering Science


Software engineer

Shanghai University of Engineering Science



Electronic Engineer

Shanghai TV University


Network technology