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Reyman Panganiban


Username: zoombiemode

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Location: Naga City, Philippines

Member since: March 2011



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My projects:

  • $1000 USD
    Profile image for Seller mathkey


    Dec 8, 2012

    Zoombie has completed the illustrations for 3 children's books for us and we are now working on #4. That says it all. Great communication!

    Project Description:This project is for Zoombiemode only who has done previous work for us. Project includes drawing 72 pictures for a children's story book. The storyline and descriptions of pictures are in attached file...
  • $306 USD
    Profile image for Seller mathkey


    Aug 13, 2012

    Zoomie drew digital pictures for our children's online stories and followed the directions perfectly. Excellent communication and unlike other freelancers, if there was an unforeseen delay (power issues etc) Zoomie would tell me why and when things would be back on track. Also, if a change was needed (as always happens), he was quick to get it done. I looked at dozens of artists and Zoomie is in my top 3 of all I've seen for this type of work.Richard Pressinger - ReadingKEY Inc.

    Project Description:This project is only for Zoombiemode who showed us his previous work. Other Freelancers please do not bid.
  • €135 EUR
    Profile image for Seller MrMichael


    Jul 27, 2012

    I loved the cover he made for me, already send another request for a new challenge to him, so i am perfectly satisfied!

    Contest Brief:
  • $65 USD
    Profile image for Seller richardkroc


    Feb 15, 2012

    Had a Flash Animation project and zoombiemode did everything I asked for in a professional way. He went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied with the final animation. Can recommend. A+

    Project Description:Looking for an animator to rock my world! Brief description of job is as follows: • Animate a tombola spinning and then coming to a stop in a cartoon style. • 2 very simple walk cycles. I’ve already designed the characters in flash...
  • $255 USD
    Profile image for Seller jpd2007


    Jul 26, 2011

    Delivered on time and on budget - job well done.

    Project Description:We need 10 small illustrations supplying of various objects. A guide will be sent for each illustration, however please note that this is just a guide - we do not want someone to simply trace it in...
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller triologic


    Jun 23, 2011

    Reyman is one of the most competent and most creative designers and animators I have seen. I had great pleasure working with him. I also look forward to work with him in future for my similar kind of requirements. Thanks Reyman!

    Project Description:Hi, A flash movie is needed in high resolution based on a story line. The story line is: 1. A robotic character shows up 2. The robot runs from left to right.. (Robot seems like running but its only running animation and background is going left) 3...
  • $165.5 CAD
    Profile image for Seller tahmadn


    May 2, 2011

    Reyman does really wonderful illustrations! Communication was excellent and timely. What I liked most was the ability to intuitively understand a scene from the notes and storyline. Highly recommended.

    Project Description:I need illustration done for a 12 page children's book - has to be computer based. The first page follows as an example One day the people came to the Prophet Salalaahu alaihi wassalam and told him of a camel that was behaving badly...
    Reyman Panganiban has not completed any projects.
  • $720 USD In Progress

    This project is for Zoombie who has done the illustrations for our 3 previous children"s books. Although this project will be given to Zoombiemode, we are always looking for other illustrators and animators for our reading program development business. If you feel your talent is in the top 10% of all illustrators or animators please submit your portfolio. This project will include 72 pictures for the final book in Grade 1 and will be done using the same proportionas as the other books. So, when we reduce the image width to 550 pixels the height will automatically be at 330 pixels. In other words, your original image can be done on a canvas that is 1100x660 (2x) or 1650x990 (3x) or 2200x1320 (4x) or even 1925x1155 (3.5x). While the project is set for $720 for 72 pictures (which is $10 per picture), we always give an extra $3 - $4 - or even $5 bonus for any picture that is of higher quality showing extra detail - additional character angles (rather than just copying and pasting the same image over and over) - realistic shading - gradients - etc - etc. Thanks!Richard Pressinger

  • £150 GBP May 14, 2013

    For a Brand called Monkey-Z3 monkeys in cages labelled (X,Y,Z) monkey X and monkey Y are normal, Monkey Z is "different"

  • $430 USD May 4, 2012

    Here is a fun and easy project for a flash animator. We need a flash animator (CS3 or higher) to create game graphics. We want to receive the full FLA file with all layers. We are looking for an animator that knows how to make "puppets", so all the characters body parts fit within the same dimensions.Main Character Concept:--------------------------------A typical American guy in street clothes with a ball cap and baseball bat as a weapon. He is a white guy with dark hair.The animation style we are looking for is something similar to the style of the game "Shank". However, if you are familiar with this game, we do NOT want bloody or gory graphics. We have attached an inspiration photo.Main Character Poses:--------------------------------1. Idle pose (standing ready for combat with weapon)2. Block pose (blocking with weapon, 1 frame)3. Attack Pose 1 with weapon (variation 1)4. Attack Pose 2 with weapon (variation 2)5. Jog with weapon6. Getting hit pose (with weapon in hand still)Pose for the main character only:+Attack pose with power attack (standing tall with one arm in air, just fists, weapon is not visible in this animation)Additional Animations:-----------------------------1. Four (4) different demons that the character has to fight throughout the game. These should be built inside the same puppet MovieClip that the main character uses, with just different keyframes for each of the body parts. In other words, each of the main character puppet"s body parts, such as his head, hands, torso, etc. is a MovieClip, frame 1 of each of these is the main character hero. Frame 2 would be the body parts of one of the styles of demon, frame 3 is another character, etc. This way all the different animations that the main character uses can also be used by the other characters. The weapon should also be a puppet part, frame 1 being a baseball bat, frame 2 being a demon club, etc.Pose for the demon characters only:+Demon is being struck by lightening. The lightening is coming from the top of screen to top of demons head and through their body.2. The weapons in the puppet need to be complete, drawn such that they can be shown by themselves too. We need four weapons: a thin stick, a baseball bat, a demon club, and a demo sword.3. We need two metallic looking tokens (similar to medals) that can sit by itself on the ground. One token will be a heart in a circle. The second token will be a lightening rod in a circle.Game Interface Animations:------------------------------------1. Stylized health bar (NOT generic)2. One empty stylized slot/box3. Continue stylized arrow pointing right4. Three (3) keyboard button keys. 1. One key with the letter "Z" in the upper left corner with a fist icon in the middle of the key. 2. One key with the letter "X" in the upper left corner with a shield icon in the middle of the key. 3. One key with the letter "C" in the upper left corner, with ability to show the heart circle token icon, lightening circle token icon, or no icon in the middle of the key.Requirements:--------------------------------***Please send us a link to your portfolio. Those who do not send a portfolio will not be chosen.***If we choose you, we will give you a test, to come up with the look of our main character in the idle pose. We will pay $20. If we like your concept we will give you the full project and create a Milestone Payment that will be released in full after the full FLA file has been released to us. If you accept the project you agree to update the animations to our specifications and edit them accordingly until we agree the work has been finalized. Additionally, if chosen you agree that all finished work will be owned by us and is not allowed to be used for any other purpose.We look forward to hearing from you. If you become the winner for this project and we like your finished work we will provide more character animation assignments for our future games.

  • ₱35000 PHP Sep 27, 2011

    i need flash character animator to do simple flash animation..attached here is one of the scene as reference of what type of animation we want.its a very simple project and i would like to have a test first to be consider.we want serious bidder and willing to take the test.Send me your porfolio through PM.we want all the rights and source file(swf,.fla)

  • $1080 USD Jul 11, 2011

    Animation details:We are looking for a high quality, flash based animation that will be approximately 45-60 seconds long. There will be 2 main characters in the animation and one ancillary (one scene) character. No dialogue is needed in this animation. The animation will encompass a series of transition scenes (zoomed camera angles) for the storyboard. We can provide a full storyboard and detailed information regarding the concept, colors, and themes. The style should be “cute” with an emphasis on big eyes, furry characters, and generally cute themes. Please see the following links for the style we are looking for: and quality are very important to us so please provide us with your portfolio and respond if you can provide a similar style as above. Please also provide us with a timeline for how long this animation will likely take you to create. Thanks.

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