10 Ways to Expand Your Social Media Base

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With the emergence of social media, you will be seeing freelance job posts that have something to do with social media marketing more and more frequently. Due to their popularity and increasing user base, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have already been incorporated into marketing strategies by businesses that are looking to build up a brand, launch a campaign, or expand their market base.

Here are ten surefire approaches to building a market base, gain exposure, engage an audience, and eventually convert leads into loyal customers using social media:

  1. Use the hashtag. Much like keywords for SEO, companies use hashtags to stand out from competitors. You can search for hashtags specific to your industry and help maintain your employer’s online presence. You can even check out what hashtags your competitors use and prepare your very own hashtag campaign to counter it.
  2. Be consistent in posting. By frequently posting interesting and clickable content, you encourage your audience to check out your posts on a regular basis. Post at regular intervals so your followers develop an unconscious habit of checking your social page regularly, or simply following your client's feed. However, avoid flooding your followers’ newsfeeds, as this is a surefire way to get yourself unfollowed.
  3. Follow and follow back. Check your newsfeeds or analytics for your business page and see who followed you recently, and follow them back. It adds a personal touch, letting people know that there is a person behind the business page rather than an automated tool.
  4. Connect with influencers. Check out which of your followers are influencers—those with a large and loyal following themselves. Cultivate the relationship by reaching out personally. You may engage them through private messages, or make sure that they constantly retweet and share your posts.
  5. Don’t just focus on popular social media. Sure, most users are active on Facebook and Twitter, but you can also reach out to other followers through other channels, as well as through blogs and forums that can impact your business.
  6. Use variety on your posts. Since most people who are on social media are always on the go, they usually only glance at each post. Make your posts more engaging by applying some variety in how you create them. Images and videos that connect with the reader’s sentiments will most likely be clicked on, rather than a straight-up URL share.
  7. Always use icons and widgets. Add social icons to your digital signature on emails, as this is also a way to inform everyone on your distribution list that you are active on social media. Also, use social media widgets on the blogs or websites that you maintain, so users can like your social page on the spot, conveniently saving them time accessing Facebook or Twitter and manually searching for your page.
  8. Incentivize. Many users may need a little more push to like your page or retweet your posts. Launch a regular campaign that offers promotions and deals for your users. You can also take advantage of fan-only promotions on Facebook and Twitter, and make offers only for those who like your page. This way, people will get interested and follow you in order to get that offer. However, retaining them is another thing entirely.
  9. Engage your followers and get them involved. More than posting quality content and having your followers share it, make them interact with the page. Post questions and ask followers to share their insights and post comments. You can even combine a Q&A with a promotional campaign to get more hits.
  10. Always include a call to action. You know you have quality posts, but it doesn’t hurt to nudge readers and ask them to like and share your posts with others. This way, any shares and retweets they did for your page will appear on their friends’ newsfeeds, increasing your exposure.

Posted 20 February, 2015


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