15 Resource Websites Every Web Developer Should Know

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There are a lot of resource websites out there for Web developers that offer a ton of valuable knowledge, ranging from industry news to coding tips. There are different types of blogs out there tackling topics that range from Web design and CSS to JavaScript and other Web frameworks. There are also a bunch of resources related to JavaScript, since Web development nowadays commonly use JavaScript on client side for frameworks like Angular.js, and it can also be used on the backend, with Node.js. If you're a Web developer, here are the most essential sites that you should know about.


The 2ality blog is written and maintained by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer, who is well-known in the Web development and JavaScript community. He is the author of the ExploringJS and SpeakingJS books, but also writes a lot of technology-related blog posts, mostly on JavaScript topics.

Smashing Magazine

If I have to choose only one website or blog to include on this list, I would choose Smashing Magazine, because this website has it all. You can read about best practices in Web development, starting from network performance, user experience best practices, CSS design and animation, backend-related articles (PHP, RoR) and a lot of other JavaScript-related topics.

Dzone Web Dev

Dzone is a huge technology portal that publishes a lot of articles daily. The portal has dozens of sub sites covering each domain, like Data Management, Cloud Computing, and Java programming, as well as a site for Web development called Dzone Web Dev. The portal has highlights and downloadable tutorials, and covers everything on Web development, backend technologies, python frameworks, frontend technologies.


Awesome JavaScript

This is not a blog, but I really think this should be on the list. This is a collection of links for JavaScript frameworks, libraries, and free resources for learning. It's available on GitHub so anybody can contribute.


CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks offers a lot more than its name suggests. It has articles on JavaScript, plus some articles on Web development best practices. Besides articles, the website also contains video tutorials for Web design and CSS goodies, plus it has an active forum where Web developers and designers help each other out on CSS-related topics.


Scotch.io has a lot of tutorials for node.js, PHP, HTML, Angular.js, and bootstrap. Besides the tutorials, the website also has blog posts that covers Web development. The team behind Scotch.io is planning a new school program, called Scotch School where subscribers will be able to watch video courses about modern Web technologies like Laravel PHP framework, node.js, and react.js.          


SitePoint is a portal like Dzone, but focuses on learning material on Web-related topics such as HTML and CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby and Web articles. SitePoint also hosts video courses, but most of these are subscription-based. The tutorials on the portal are mostly free, and give good insight into technology.



The CodeProject website is a Canadian business, which is based on community contribution. This website covers all the details of programming, starting from Linux/Bash programming to Microsoft technologies, but also covers general topics like Web development. The website has above 12 million registered users and usually there are around 80 thousand developer visits. In terms of new articles, there are around 15-20 new articles added daily, as well as posts that include small code snippets and how-tos. The activity of the people on the Forum is also a plus—you can be sure you get almost instant answers to your coding or hardware-related questions.


JavaScript Scene

The JavaScript Scene is a blog under Medium.com, and it hosts and shares mostly JavaScript-related content. The articles on this blog are community-driven, but are very good.



I think the idea behind JSBooks and how this is handled is genius. This website is again hosted on GitHub and contains a list of freely readable or downloadable JavaScript books. There are above 60 titles listed at the moment.



Tutsplus.com is a Web portal that's very similar to CodeProject, SitePoint or Dzone. The site offers free and paid content. There are above 20 thousand free tutorials for different technologies, including Web development. For developers, the website has very good courses on PHP.


Twitter Engineering

Twitter is one of the most well-known startups of the IT industry, made popular by their idea of posting 140-character long messages. They have a lot of open source Web technologies, think only of the Bootstrap framework. All the technology related updates are posted on the Twitter Engineering blog.



The Mozilla Developer Network is a site that Web developers must bookmark. On this page you can find a lot of tutorials and a lot of reference documentation.


Coding Horror

I think the coding horror blog is a unique blog, where each post is valuable and advanced. The owner of the blog is Jeff Atwood, one of the founders of StackOverflow (one of the most important websites for a software developer). Besides Web development-related posts, this website is publishing general computer science-related articles which have some connection with programming and software development.


A List Apart

A List Apart is another great resource. If you check the About page of the website you will see the following text:

For People Who Make Websites
A List Apart (ISSN: 1534-0295) explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.

The website has a big crew behind the scenes and they have some very strict acceptance criteria for writers. They encourage people to write stories for them, but they carefully curate the content sent to them. The articles on the website are long and could be hard to understand if you don’t have a more in-depth knowledge of the topics.

Posted 17 March, 2016

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