5 Dynamic Marketing Tips for the Holidays…It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning!

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I know I know, it’s only July, but before you know it Christmas will be just around the corner. Think big picture people! And there’s nothing like the holidays to bolster sales and get customers excited about your product offerings, right? With such a saturated marketplace though, the trick is figuring out how to maximize your brand’s exposure during this festive flurry of activity.

One great way---social media of course. Who doesn’t have a Facebook page? A Twitter account? Who isn’t Snapchatting? But you still want to try and be original in your approach this upcoming holiday season…so here are five ways to get your business noticed and make it a merry Christmas for all!

1. Find Those Influencers.

Influencers love to promote especially come the holiday season. They can get your product and your brand name on the map. They are called influencers for a reason—users look to them for guidance on everything from what the hottest products are to exactly how to use those products. Finding the key influencers in your niche is extremely important in order to rise above the holiday fray.

2. Figure Out Target Times.

You should have a pretty good idea of your target audiences’ habits as far as social media. When they tweet, what types of FB content they post, what’s trending on Instagram. Have an in-depth understanding of this and then position your product accordingly--around specific times, days, and even special events like Black Friday or Friendsgiving.

3. The Ever Important Optimization

Keeping up with your campaigns as far as what’s working and what’s falling flat will make a huge difference come this Christmas. Maybe you want to retool that message for various holiday occasions, try something Christmas themed. Ensuring that your message and your ads are optimized is invaluable.

4. Make it About Videos.

YouTube is now the #2 search engine in the world—why: because people love videos. If your company doesn’t have any, you are failing to capitalize on a huge sector of your market. Put out a bunch of videos, pre-Christmas, Post-Christmas, Xmas morning evening. If you want to be on the top of that pile of presents, video is the way to go.

5. Reinventing Your Product.

Show people what they might be able to do with the items you sell other than just what their intended purpose may be. Social media is all about creativity and ingenuity. Go with this! Offer hacks, give great tips, reinvent your product and watch it go flying off the shelves!

Again, I know that many are still enjoying the summer, and Christmas is the last thing we’re thinking about. But, as they say, the early bird gets the worm. Being proactive with your upcoming campaigns is critical to emerging a holiday rockstar!

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Posted 14 July, 2017


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