5 Expert Certified Tips to Win More Freelance Projects

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As Freelancer.com’s Southeast Asia Communications Director, I get to interact with a lot of freelancers in different places.

While various industries and territories would have specific concerns, one pressing question that would always surface whenever I talk to aspiring and established freelance professionals is: how do I win freelance projects?

Surprisingly, winning your first freelance project isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Looking into our data on Freelancer.com, an average freelancer on the website will win his first project after seven bids.

This is great news, since a free member on Freelancer.com gets eight bids a month.

(Another ray of hope: 47% of the freelance projects on Freelancer.com goes to the freelancer who bids not too high nor too low. That should discredit those who say that freelancing marketplaces are a race to the bottom!)

Data aside, it is also reassuring to hear personal stories from experts, and get precious advice on how you can win more freelance projects.

Below, we’ve compiled five tips from the pros which may help you win more freelancing projects:


Read Project Descriptions Thoroughly

“What's worked for me is to read the full customer requirements and write a proposal based on it,” says Cristian Matos. “Most freelancers have a template to copy and paste on each bid,  without reading the customer requirements. (Customers know that.)

When they know that you read everything and offer a solution for it, and also talk about your experience with similar jobs, they trust you and hire you.”

Write an Exceptional Proposal

Freelance consultant Katie Colihan advises: “The key to winning the bid, is writing an exceptional proposal.

What I've found is that if you're applying for, say, a writing gig, then your proposal should set you apart from others, not just with price. You should be conversational, precise, personable, and well spoken. You have to remember that this proposal is your first introduction to your potential client.

I make a habit of asking questions about the position. For example, if they're hiring to write articles, ask them if you will need to post the articles onto a platform (Wordpress, etc.) If you're bidding on a web design position, ask them if they could send you a few examples of graphics that they like.

It's all about engaging them, before you have the position.”  

Focus on Your Expertise

“Don't be greedy and don't showcase what you don't know,” says developer Vick Bhartia. “Once you have got the project if everything goes well, deliver it on time and gain a positive review from the employer and then you can start bidding on more jobs and build your career there.”

Level up on Your Skills to Provide More Value

“You need to look for ways to add value to yourself and the work that surround you. When you approach any freelance portal, you compete against the best,” shares Samedi Amba. “It doesn't matter whether it's the cheapest project or not. Improve your skills, show that you are good at your game, prove you're relevant, be patient - and you will soon go places.”

Highlight Your Skills through a Spectacular Portfolio

Says William Emmanuel Yu: “Improve your profile with more details about your past projects and portfolio. The hardest part for folks that need freelance work is to determine if the person they are contracting to can really do the job.”

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Posted 14 July, 2016

Evan Tan

Freelancer.com's SE Asia Communications Director.

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