6-Step Checklist To Incorporate Mind-Capturing Videos Into Your Tweets

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6-Step Checklist to Incorporate Mind-Capturing Videos into your Tweets

If you want your content marketing strategy to yield the desired results, you need to try by all means to incorporate video into it. This is one of the best ways to make the content memorable and enhance the engagement of the concerned targeted audience. As a matter-of-fact, tweets featuring videos are six times more likely to attract retweets than tweets with pictures. 

However, what individual components of a tweet make it stand out and capable of drawing the attention of the desired targeted audience? Follow our unique and highly rewarding six-step checklist to incorporate mind capturing videos into your tweets and other social media posts.

Such videos are worth calling ‘Scroll Stopping Videos’ because of a single reason. They cause page viewers to stop scrolling down and stream the video to find out what it contains. Producing such videos is not always simple and straight forward. However, the six tips we have gathered for you shall undoubtedly enable you to create that mind capturing video you have always wanted to post on your social media platform.

Six tips on coming up with a scroll stopping video

Hook the audience within the first few seconds

This is quite important as it can determine how best your video will perform shortly after your targeted audience has seen it. Capturing the attention of page viewers within the first few seconds can mean the difference between failing to reap your desired results and succeeding to do so.

Try your best to come up with a set that is intriguing or dynamic sets of actions that are good enough to keep your audience glued to the video within the first few seconds. Put simply; come up with hooks to capture the attention of your audience within the first few seconds of the video. You will be amazed by the benefits that come with doing this. In case you are wondering what a hook refers to and how best you can incorporate it into your video to win over your targeted audience within the first few seconds of the video, look at the following ideas.

  • A setup that is intriguing

  • Quick motion or action 

  • A close-up shot

  • A curiosity sparking onscreen graphic art or set of arts

Tell a story

This often appears ambiguous whenever it is brought to the attention of business marketers. However, it is as simple and as plain as it appears. Perhaps the only question you can ask is what kind of story will you have to tell to arouse the right response from your audience.

There is no limit to the nature and type of stories that you can tell. It is entirely up to you to come up with a story that can capture the attention of your audience. All you have to do is to make sure the story features important elements which are likely to have an impact on the response of your targeted audience. The following simple ideas often work when it comes to telling a business story on social media.

  • Order of events that is easy to follow; make sure your order of events is easy to follow and is as sensible as possible. 

  • Let the story be real; try by all means to come up with stories that are realistic.

  • Fix a problem; tell a story showing what kind of challenges or major challenge you encountered and how you managed to deal with them

Flash your company logo

When it comes to promoting a company using a video, there is no better way to do it than to shoot your company logo at the start of the video. Let the first few seconds of your video focus on beaming light on your company’s logo so that your targeted audience of viewers can have a good look at it.

Flashing the company’s brand name not only raises the image of the company but also sets you apart from your competitors. It gives your company an identity that your targeted audience of customers can always remember each time they see your company logo. To get more from the use of a company logo, you can also take advantage of various audio visual arts. Try your best to make the logo colorful, unique and mind staggering. Your viewers will always bear it in mind each time it appears on any social media platform, outdoor advertisement or television.

Include people

By nature, consumers are inclined to be drawn to human faces. If you include people during the first few frames of your video, you will able to increase the number of viewers to a significant extent. Even though there are varying statistical results that are in support of this, each of them shows that including people in videos is quite rewarding. The viewer rates of videos without people are generally much lower than those which feature people. Including people in videos is often recommended since it causes viewers to relate to whoever is present in the video. As such, they will find it easier to recall the contents of a particular video among thousands they might have watched.

One important tip that is worth calling to mind when involving people is the fact that viewers tend to be drawn to characters that appeal to them or are like them. This means that the choice of the character to include in a video should be determined by the audience you are targeting. You will be amazed by how much impact this will have on your viewer retention.

Use of captions

In case you didn't know, twitter is now used by more mobile device users than those who access it on their computers. According to a research, around 93% of the members who access twitter use their mobile devices. This has become the case because social media members do not want to miss anything while they are traveling to their work places, waiting in a queue for a coffee or while they are at the train station waiting for the next train to arrive. The use of mobile devices has made life quite convenient for mobile device users in as far as gaining access to twitter is concerned. Without any doubt, making the access of twitter convenient for this group of members will certainly increase the viewer ratings of your video and company page. 

One of the best ways to make it easier for mobile device users to gain access to twitter videos is to include captions along with visual cues in your videos for purposes of making them much simpler to process.

Flashes of popular faces

Some people often grab the attention of social media enthusiasts each time they appear in a video either as a motion picture, stationary picture or animation. Individuals such as celebrities or famous politicians often attract the attention of many people around the world. Depending on the audience of customers you are targeting, you can include such people in your video.

Once you include flashes of highly esteemed faces, you can be sure to impart the much-needed alluring attributes on your video. Viewers are always interested in finding out what lies in the video featuring highly esteemed individuals from various sections of life including politics, freedom fighters, and celebrities. Try your best to come up with scenes that blend as perfectly as possible with such individuals.

Do you follow any other Twitter video hacks to increase the user engagement on your video? Let us know in the Comments section below!



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