7 of the Best Apps You Need to Manage Your Business Anywhere

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One of the advantages of having an online business is the ability to manage it anywhere you are. You don’t need to rent out an office space to accommodate employees as you can hire a remote team of freelancers to work with wherever they are located. To make this setup work, you need a reliable internet connection and apps that can help you perform your management tasks.

In a remote collaboration, it’s a must that everything is right on target despite the distance and time zone differences. You need to track the status of your projects and ensure that things don’t slip through the cracks.

Communication, productivity, and project management are three paramount factors for efficient and successful remote work arrangement. Heading to the Bahamas for a week-long vacation? Or are you off to Seoul for a convention? There are tons of apps you can use in managing your business wherever you are. We listed down seven of what we think you need the most:

1. Trello


Trello works as a super simple task management and collaboration tool. It’s been around for five years now but if you haven’t used it yet, this easy and fun to use app lets you view tasks in cards (list). You can drag and drop the cards on boards labeled according to task status.

2. Slack


When everyone’s on Slack and you’re still not, don’t you think it’s time to know why? Slack may be the newest in the pack of communication apps but it’s been getting much love from its daily active users. Their DAU grew from 16,000 back in February 2014 to three million last month.  

3. Google Drive


If you’re using Google as your email service provider, chances are, you’re using Google Drive. It’s an indispensable app for storing files or sharing them with the rest of your team. You can reach your files across all devices, which is really a plus especially for those who are always on their smartphones. If you’re a fan of uncomplicated apps and impressive user experience, stick with Google Drive.

4. Google Hangouts


If we’re talking about the best apps for remote teams, then Google Hangouts should be in the list. It makes the communication between you and your freelancers a breeze, particularly on important meetings that require you to initiate a conference call.

5. Google Docs


Even if you try to deny it, Google apps are reliable, and they’re here to stay. So if we have Drive and Hangouts in this list, it’s kind of impossible not to include Google Docs. Its features make it easy for everyone to suggest edits and collaborate on how to improve a document.

6. RealtimeBoard


This app brings a whole new meaning to online collaboration. With RealtimeBoard, you can share ideas and display them all in your digital whiteboard for everyone to see. Let your project ideas grow and see everything you need (images, documents, images, videos, etc.) in one space. Start conceptualizing for your next project without losing the fun part.

7. Freelancer Mobile App


Imagine accessing a directory of freelancers around the world with just a few taps on the app. With the Freelancer mobile app, you can post a project, hire, and get in touch with freelancers anywhere you are.  

Remotely managing your business and your team is challenging, but with the right management strategies and online tools, you can do it with maximum efficiency. The apps above may be all too familiar with you but if in case there’s one you haven’t used yet, go download and give it a try.

What apps are you using to run your business while you're away?

Posted 23 June, 2016

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