7 Reasons Why You’re Not Winning Projects (and What to Do About It)

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You believe you’re at par with the most sought after freelancers in your industry. You have the skills, and even the proper training to back you up. You have an impressive profile page that highlights your portfolio. Still, you’re not winning projects.

You started to think what could possibly be wrong?

There could be many reasons affecting your chances of getting projects. We’re listing down seven of them, along with corresponding tips to win projects on Freelancer.com.

You often respond late to messages and inquiries. What if your could-have-been-next-big-client was on an urgent search for a freelancer to hire? Unfortunately, you missed the chance by not replying promptly. You can tell if something needs an immediate response, in that case, reply right away.

Your bids are not convincing. Get some tips on how to write an effective bid, put these tips into practice, and you’ll realize how easier it will be for you to create your future bids. More importantly, keep in mind how bids are ranked so you can work on the factors that can help your bid get a higher ranking.

Your pricing is not right. Lowering your rates doesn’t guarantee that clients will run after you. If you know the value of your work, giving out a competitive rate won’t hurt your chances of getting hired.

Your communication skills need improvement. If most clients contacting you are native English speakers and you’re not, try to communicate as clearly as you can. There are online classes you can take and tutorial apps you can download to learn about the basics of the language. Reading more will help a lot, too.

You’re not marketing your services enough. Remember that you’re not an employee anymore. You’re a freelancer running your own business of selling your services. Promote your business and show the world that you’ve got what they need.

You’re not connecting. Social networking sites are created to connect people. Employers use social media not just to promote their businesses but also to establish new connections with people who can help them and who they can give value to. Log in to your social network accounts as often as you can and actively engage when an opportunity arises.

You’re not trying harder. You settle for what’s coming your way every once in a while. Now if freelancing is your bread and butter, you should have a steady stream of projects every month. By using the Freelancer Mobile App, you can check new projects even on the go. This way, you can bid as soon as you see a project that you think fits your skills.

Don’t just wait for an apple to fall off from the tree. Constantly seek for projects that match your skills, then craft a winning proposal for each of the interesting jobs you find. If you’re not winning projects as often as you'd expected, don’t lose hope. Competition could be drowning you, but if you know how to integrate talent and perseverance, you can absolutely nail it.

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Posted 19 May, 2016

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