7 Websites That Will Help You Become a Better Business Owner

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Running a business is not easy, unfortunately getting help running a business can be just as challenging. Help can come in different forms, you just have to look into the options carefully and see which one suits you best.

One of the largest growth areas in the startup world over the past few years has been the rise of 'business experts'. I run out of space in my head when trying to count all the 'entrepreneur trainers' or 'leadership whisperers' out there who sell services related to helping businesses grow and succeed. This is because it has never been easier to start a business, therefore advice is highly sought after, which in turn becomes a big business opportunity itself. 

However, many of these leaders have never actually run successful businesses. They exist purely to take advantage of this demand and their expertise may not always be the right fit for your business. Therefore, you must be extra careful when taking their advice.

Avoid conferences where attendance is free, but then attendees are up-sold the services of the event or site organisers. This is exactly how timeshares were sold and should be avoided at all costs. Also, should any business leader on any stage or conference not tell you their customer numbers or revenue when asked, don’t rely 100 percent on their “success tips”.

The trouble is, many of the truly successful entrepreneurs or startup founders are too busy with their businesses to find time to help others out. So why not turn to what’s easily accessible anytime, anywhere?


There are excellent resources online to help you become a better business owner. See seven of them in this list:



There are hundreds of talks by industry leaders from the world’s most inspiring conference. Make sure you understand the difference between TED and TEDx, they could not be further apart.

Warrior Forum


It’s the world’s #1 internet marketing community. The site is full of leading experts in online marketing who can provide you with invaluable advice on how to sell your brand and products.



Of all the sites out there, Entrepreneur is definitely something you should not miss visiting. There are many great posts about running a business, managing the relationships that go around it, and even lifestyle articles that are useful for entrepreneurs.



Learn the best way to achieve growth in your online business. Our very own Senior Vice President of Growth Willix Halim’s video is currently the second most popular on the site.



Business leaders from around the world will share their success stories, which for you will be a huge learning experience. StartCon 2016 happens on November 26 and 27 in Sydney. In case you won’t catch it live, watch the event videos on the site.

Freelancer Community


Get your business built, among many other uses, but you know this already. We have here tips, guides, and resources for business owners.



Take a break, reset, relax, enjoy. Understand this site has 70-80 million unique visitors per month -- now that's a business! Wondering how Ray Chan and his co-founders built a huge following? Take his tips.

Now if you have projects you think can contribute to your business in any way, post your project and get help from skilled freelancers in our growing community.

Posted 31 August, 2016

Joe Griston

Director @Freelancer.com

Joe Griston is the Director of People & Talent at Freelancer.com. He has sourced, architected and scaled world-class teams for this tech company that is disrupting the planet. Joe has recently returned to London from Sydney to drive the growth of Freelancer.com across Europe.

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