9 Ways To Make Sure You're Not Hiring The Wrong People For Your Startup

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As a startup, you need the right pool of talented people to make your company successful. As a startup, it might be considered challenging task to attract the top talent; however, it's still possible if you're proactive enough.

Here’s are a bunch of tips to help you get through the process. 

Check The Right Places

If you are looking for the top talent in your industry, the wrong place to look is a generic career website. If the top talent were here, other companies would have snatched them up long ago. If you want to narrow your search to something more productive, you should look at niche career websites.

You can also attract the right talent by listing available positions on your website. 

Take it up a notch further by registering on LinkedIn. Even if you don't find the talent you're looking for, registering your brand on LinkedIn will increase your visibility and thus make it useful for recruitment in the long run.

Set Out The Core Values Of Your Company  

Your business should revolve around your core values. These values should include your work ethics, your work environment, interpersonal employee relationships, the general atmosphere of your business, and so on. 

When adding talent to your brand, make sure that they fit into these core values. 

Behavior is Key

In a startup, mistakes are bound to happen. So you want to make sure that you know how a potential employee would react in such intense situations. This is why behavioral information is vital.

When interviewing your prospects, make sure to ask questions relating to behavior. With this information, you should be able to predict how the employee would act under pressure.

Check out this link if you need inspiration or a guide on which questions to ask. 

Be Swift  

Time is very much of the essence when it comes to hiring the right candidate for the job. The reason why the top talent is not available on generic career websites is that top companies have already snatched them up.

Make sure that your recruitement decisions and processes are fast. When you have chosen the right candidate from your pool of applicants, you should make sure you inform them as soon as possible.

Look outside the Box

You should be ready to check out odd places to find the right candidate for your brand. Don't just be on the lookout for talent when you need a space to be filled. Make sure you regularly check the job market for rising talent. You can see someone you want and keep tabs on them for future communication.

Get an Extra Lookout

Your startup is a place where you need quite a lot of vigilance to keep the wheels rolling. When you get a new person, make sure the person is also genuinely interested in what you are doing. The person should be able to spot challenges as they arise on the horizon. Not only that, they should also be able to proffer solutions to the rising problem. 

Look Beyond What Is Written 

Nowadays, candidates tend to fill resumes with unnecessary keywords claiming them to be a part of their skill set. 

To get a handle on the candidate’s skill set, you should:

1) Ask them about their top 3 abilities/skills.
2) When the candidate responds, quiz them on those abilities to discover how good they actually are in those aspects.

Another common mistake made by startups is that they employ candidates basely simply on the words written on their resume. Interviews then become a rehash of what has been listed. Although skills are essential, they should be coupled with the ability to fit in with your brand culture.

Ensure that you get information about the roles the candidate occupied in companies they have previously worked with. Quiz them about their experience there;
- Why did they decide to leave?
- What went wrong? What went right? 
- What are some problems they faced with their team members? 

Your scope of questions should go beyond their resume; ask them for their opinions on current occurences that are happening in the industry, see how up to date they actually are. 

With all these successfully sorted out, you would be able to perfectly determine if the candidate is the perfect fit for your band and its overall culture.  

Get Freelancers

There's no need to enter long-term contracts when you can simply rely on great freelancers to fill up the vacancies. By test-driving several freelancers, you can easily choose those that deliver the quality that you're looking for. 

This should not be too hard to do because approximately 25 to 30 percent of the US workforce already work remotely.

However, please take a note that this approach would usually not work for traditional roles like that of the CTO or CFO. For roles like this, try and get a likely candidate to work directly with you for a short period. If they perform well, you can go ahead to make the position a long-term one.

Hiring the right talent for your startup is very important. This is why big brands have entire departments that are devoted to this. While you may not have your own department, by following these tips, you should be well on your way to getting the best talent for your dream venture.


Did we miss any tips on securing the best talent for startups? Let us know in the comments below!

Posted 6 July, 2017

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