Healthcare Advocate Changes Lives with Help From Freelancers

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Healthcare discoveries are unraveled every day. It may be in the form of a new medicine, a new vaccine, or a new machine. They all have the common goal of curing or preventing sickness. Scientists and medical entrepreneurs should be commended for all their dedication in studying the vulnerabilities of mankind.

Alex Guastella, 32-year-old Orlando, Florida USA local, is not a scientist nor a medical entrepreneur but he finds ways in contributing to the betterment of his community. Together with some partners, he put up a startup that would affect everyone around him -- Quick’rCare.

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What is Quick’rCare?

“A friend of mine woke up very ill at two in the morning and spent hours driving around looking for the nearest hospital. After five hours, he finally saw a doctor. From there I was convinced that there had to be a much better experience,” shared Alex. Quick’rCare was the answer to Alex’s dilemma.

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Quick’rCare offered services other websites could not. Being able to search for hospitals around the vicinity is a common feat nowadays, but Alex and company thought of developing that service into something even better. Through Quick’rCare, you can now make reservations in medical facilities. The days of waiting for hours just to meet your doctor is now over. If an emergency arises, you don’t have to rush to a hospital filled with other patients anymore, instead, you could access the website and find out which nearby hospitals are ready to accommodate you.

Once Upon A Time

The project wasn’t easy to pull off. It demanded a lot of time, effort, and finances from Alex and his squad. Funding the project was a difficult task to pull off. Alex was receiving offers of up to $145,000 from local developers. The price was extremely high and as an entrepreneur, Alex was dedicated to finding a more affordable solution.

In his search for a solution, he learned about Freelancer. Instead of rushing into the site, he researched thoroughly on what it had to offer. When he was ready, he posted his project and waited for some bids. In a matter of minutes, he was receiving great yet very affordable proposals.

Alex felt confident that his startup was finally happening. He pushed through with his projects and hired multiple freelancers to get the job done. One freelancer was based in India, while another one was in Pakistan. Despite the differences in time zones, both freelancers and Alex kept their communication lines open. There was never a moment where Alex wasn’t updated with his project’s progress. Eventually, the project was completed and the site was ready for public access.

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Today, the site’s operations are ongoing and are doing very well. People are quickly noticing the service Quick’rCare provides. One of the website’s goals is to connect healthcare establishments to the people. They are doing so every single day.

The Experience
Alex loved the fierce competition between freelancers. He witnessed their dedication from the bidding process up to the presentation of the finished product. Choosing the freelancers for the project was a difficult task because of so many qualified bids.

To get the best bids from freelancers, Alex suggested that you list down your needs in bullet form. It gives the freelancers a concise image of your vision and it makes it easier for them to make that vision into reality.

Together with his wife, Lynnann, Alex aims to provide healthcare to children in need -- a goal that will have a lasting effect on future generations.

"Freelancer helps entrepreneurs focus on the vision and strategy of the company by giving easy access to great qualified talent,"

-Alex Guastella

Like Alex and Lynnann, make a difference and change the lives of those in your community. Got a project in mind? Hire a freelancer and let’s make it happen.

Posted 27 October, 2016

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