Educating Kids on Cybersafety Takes First Step on Freelancer

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The Internet is a vast source of entertainment and information but it also has security threats that could compromise its users. With the Internet’s sudden growth in the 21st century, younger users have gained access to it with limited to no knowledge on Internet safety.

Australian author Amanda Greenslade hopes to help solve this problem through educating children on the do’s and don'ts of using the Internet.

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“My brother who has children in the age bracket of my target audience (6y/o-10y/o) gave me the idea for writing my book, ‘Casey and Aon: A Cybersafety Chapter Book for Children’," shared Amanda.

Outsourcing Talent

After completing the book’s manuscript, Amanda outsourced the illustrations through an Indian company online. However, she wasn’t satisfied with their art styles and inability to follow her instructions.

Amanda’s search for better illustrators led to hiring an online freelancer. She chose Freelancer since it offered a lot more than other freelance platforms.

“The Freelancer interface provides the right information and resources for both parties. It protects the interests of both the employer and the freelancer, and it lets a quality job get done on time for a good price,” said Amanda.

After signing up, she posted her project and received 62 bids from freelancers hailing all over the world. Amanda awarded the project to Cameroonian freelancer Cube88 since he provided her with a unique bid and sample illustrations for the book.  

Amanda and Cube88 delved deeper into the project requirements. They immediately got down to business once they agreed on their respective conditions such as pricing, deadlines and deliverables.

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Before starting the project, Amanda set up the Milestones payment method. This was one of her most favorite features since it helped secure online transactions with other people from around the world.

“This illustrator delivered above and beyond the brief, with great attention to detail. He adapted to my suggestions and even made more images than we agreed was included in the budget. I’m very happy with the quality. He’s a top notch freelancer!” Amanda said about Cube88’s service.

Bang for the Buck

Aside from Cube88's exceptional service, Amanda was also ecstatic with the money she saved from hiring a freelancer. She spent AUD$615 on her Freelancer project. It would have cost her around AUD$3,000 if she chose a local talent. She preferred to keep the production cost at a minimum since she doesn’t expect the project to generate much revenue because of her limited marketing budget.

With Amanda’s book project complete, she looks forward to its launch. Once launched, you can buy her book online through Amanda’s assisted self-publishing service Australian eBook Publisher or in print through her imprint Tigerace Books.

Hiring from Freelancer let Amanda fulfill her year-long goal of producing a material for children’s cyber safety. It’s her little way of contributing to the welfare of children around the world.

"I wrote it to help my nephews, my own children and children all over the world keep abreast of the safety and security issues that arise when they use the internet,"

-Amanda Greenslade

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Posted 10 March, 2017

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