An Introduction to eBooks

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To put it simply, an eBook is a book published in digital form, which can be read via electronic devices such as computers and mobiles. The term also refers to the electronic version of an already existing printed book.

eBooks can contain images, text, or both types of content. It all depends on what you want to display and how.

eBook Readers and Platforms

eBook readers refer to the devices whose main function is to display digital books for readers. eBook readers can choose from a number of popular eBook devices and platforms.

·         Amazon Kindle

·         Sony Reader

·         Cybook

·         Ebookwise

·         Palm Tungsten

·         Hanlin Ereader, etc.

eBook Formats

eBook formats are very varied. Some can only be read using dedicated eBook readers for which they were created, while others can be read on all devices as long as they contain compatible software.

Some of the available eBook formats have been outlined below.

·         PDF eBooks are available for computers, Apple's iOS devices, and Kobo devices that have Adobe Reader software.

·         LIT eBooks are available for portable computers and PDAs that have Microsoft Reader software.

·         HTML eBooks are available for any electronic device that has a compatible browser. This includes smartphones.

·         The PRC eBook format is available for dedicated E-readers such as the Amazon Kindle.

·         The DNL format is the eBook format that allows digital pages to be flipped. Readers can use them on devices such as MACs.

·         EPUB is one of the more popular eBook formats. It can be used in multiple devices that have the compatible software. Even readers like the Kobo, iPad and the Sony Reader are compatible with this digital book format.

There is no doubt that eBook have yet to reach the popularity of their printed counterparts. However, these digital books offer a number of benefits that are worth checking out if you intend to publish them.

Benefits of eBooks to Publishers

1.     Lower Costs of Production

You should consider eBook because their cost of production is low. You do not need to pay for materials such as ink and paper. Even the labor costs will be much lower. Because of the much lower costs of production associated with eBooks, you may also be able to distribute them free of charge.

It will therefore be easier for you to cut down your book prices and make them more accessible to your target audience. When done right, the large volume of E-book you sell will help raise your profit margins.

2.     Storage and Delivery Convenience

eBooks are stored online. For that reason, you do not need to rent a large storage facility to keep them until customers buy them. In addition, after purchase, there is no need for shipping. All your customers need to do is download their copy and they will be good to go. How convenient is that?

3.     Eco-friendliness

Papers are made from trees. Since eBooks do not require you to use any paper, you will be able to help the environment if you opt to publish a digital book. You can even use your eco-friendly publishing ways to appeal to lovers of the environment when marketing.

4.     Global reach

The Internet has no boundaries. For that reason, your eBooks have a higher chance of achieving global fame since they can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


eBooks are a great medium for content marketing. Consider using them to enhance your online visibility while cementing your authority.

Posted 20 March, 2015


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