Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language

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There’s a lot of things to do in life. Most of them are just compulsory tasks. Because of that, after we have done those tasks, the time we have left is so valuable. We call that precious time as our “free time”. Learning a foreign language is a nice way to use our valued free time because it broadens your vision and opens up new opportunities for you such as seeing life with a new perspective, learning another culture and improving your memory.

When you learn a foreign language, you do not just learn how to build sentences or know the meaning of words in that language. You also learn their culture and traditions. Every language has its soul, a soul which makes it unique. Because of that, the joy of understanding a foreign book in its original version is exclusive to people who know a foreign language.

It also helps you see the world as a new person. By speaking their language, you can see the contrast between the daily lives of people. How they treat each other, how they serenade, what they say when they get angry and so on. You can also see the difference in their beliefs. There are huge differences in beliefs even if they are derived from the same source. For instance, calico cats - cats with three colors in their fur, are believed to bring good luck in both United States and Japan. In Japan, there are Maneki-Neko's which are three colored cat figurines mostly founded on third floors. In the United States, they are not symbolized as figurines but a sign of prosperity.

Learning a foreign language also opens up new opportunities because it signifies diligence and consistency because it takes a really long time to master a language; one should study and practice regularly in order to master one. Because of those reasons, knowing a foreign language assists you to get ahead of the competition. In big companies like IBM, that skill is what they actually look for. It is not only a positive sign but also a requirement in some cases. The most obvious job that requires you to know a foreign language is of course, jobs in foreign countries.

As you learn more languages, the number of jobs that you qualify for increases; definitely your salary too.

Learning another language benefits our mind as well. There are so many research that shows how different bilingual people think. Our brain cells known as neurons are like roads. Learning another language makes new connections between neurons which speeds up the thinking process. Making new connections means you have more memory. Because of this unique structure of the brain, it is more like a balloon rather than a box, it expands its boundaries if you fill it up. When you have more memory, you think more comprehensively.

Knowing that a word has different meanings in other languages, makes you see the world in a different perspective; makes your speeches deeper; your thoughts more profound.

In conclusion, merits of learning a foreign language are having a good memory, having a broader vision and having more job opportunities. Because of these reasons, every day, the number of bilingual people is increasing. You should try and learn a new language too! It's never too late.


Posted 28 November, 2017


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