27 Of The Best Apps For iPhone Photography

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With every new release of the iPhone, the better-than-before camera app becomes a revered selling point.

Now on its seventh release, the long list of features on the iPhone camera rivals even the highest of quality stand-alone digital cameras.

With its convenience to capture images with little-to-no planning or preparation, the need to carry both a phone and a camera with you is reducing by the day.  Add to this immediate access to a broad range of iPhone photography apps that help tweak and edit iPhone photographs, we now find our amateur photographs of a professional quality at the click or swipe of a button.

Here are 27 of the best iPhone photography apps which give your iPhone photos the leading edge in both quality and professionalism.  


1) Camera+
Camera+ is an excellent addition to the inbuilt camera app on the iPhone. Its controls give the user a broader range of exposure tools to create the perfect snap.  Camera +'s superior features include touch focus adjustment and predetermined filters. It's an easy tool to use and for just $3, the difference it makes to standard iPhone pictures is worth every cent.

Download Camera+ here.

2) ProCamera
ProCamera is a no-fuss, fully functional camera app. The app was completely redesigned for the IOS 8 release making it fully compatible with the operating system. The state-of-the-art night camera feature and has one of the best exposure controls you've seen.

Download ProCamera here.

3) Pro HDR
Pro HDR has a superior exposure control and a broad range of editing features. With its wide range of filters, a multitude of editing tools (including cropping and text editing), and simplicity to use, you'll be hard-pushed to find a more a diverse app to enhance your photos.

Download Pro HDR here.

4) Pixlr
We've been using Pixlr on the web since 2008 and more recently, the mobile app version. You can resize, crop and rotate your photos to make non-professional images, professional. Share your edited photos with others using the up-to-date sharing tools and adjust your photos in just one click!

Download Pixlr here.

5) Adobe Photoshop Express
Adobe is probably one of the most renowned desktop editing tools (for good reason!), and their mobile photo app is no different. With a host of familiar desktop capabilities including layering, cropping, and image contrast, it's capabilities allow you to create completely unique images that offer a noticeable point of difference. While the free version offers a restricted service, you'll need to pay to make use of some of the more sophisticated features but as you already know with Adobe products, the cost is worth every cent. 

Download Adobe Photoshop Express here.

6) Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom has the capability to sync with your desktop app meaning you can take pictures, edit on the go, and save them to your main library remotely. Lightroom isn't compatible with older versions of the iPhone but if you run IOS 10 or later, Lightroom is also capable of capturing and editing RAW images too.

Download Adobe Lightroom here.

7) Instagram
Instagram is one of the most popular photo editing tools which allows you to share images on-the-go. Take photos with filters, add filters once the image has been captured, upload pictures and then share them with the rest of the Instagram community to create social engagement.  Instagram is evolving all the time and is a great app for social sharing as well as editing existing images.

Download Instagram here.

8) Photoblend
Taking your iPhone pics up a contemporary notch, Photoblend allows you to merge your images to produce symmetrical blended photos, collages, and add unique frames to your pictures. Selfies were becoming same-same before, use Photoblend to add a point of difference to standard images!

Download Photblend here. 

9) Facetune
Facetune is the modern-day equivalent of powdering your nose. Once you've taken your photo, you can whiten your teeth, cover up blemishes, make smiles wider, and even open closed eyes! You can now even take photos in this ‘perfect' mode so you don't need to make any edits afterwards. Facetune is a great way to feel good about yourself even when you're having an off day!

Download Facetune here.

10) Phot Editor by Aviary
Phot Editor by Aviary is the no-frills, free editing app that has plenty of features all designed to enhance your photos. With tools to remove unwanted spots and blemishes and crop out background objects that you don't want or need, the simple interface makes this app versatile and easy to use to create high-quality photos unique to you.

Download Photo Editor by Aviary here.

11) Manual
If you only download one iPhone camera app, make sure it's this one!

Offering you full control over the shutter, focus, exposure and white balance, this app gives you a wide range of high-quality features which will allow you to take the perfect photo, no editing required.

Download Manual here.

12) Luminance
Luminance gives you all the tools to create a completely unique photograph with a range of filters that can be used in conjunction with each other. Why choose just one when you can have them all? With a full range of photo-editing tools such as cropping, rotation, and exposure control, you can choose the resolution of your edited photo so you don't take up to much of your data allowance while exporting.

Download Luminance here.

13) Ampergram
Ampergram is a fun app that allows you to use your own images (either pre-loaded or captured), and add typography to create your own individual posters. Invitations, lost and found posts, and missing person posters can all be created in Ampergram!  Once you've created your image, upload, and share to your Instagram community.

14) VSCO
There's nothing worse than capturing a beautiful sunset or the bright stars in the sky only to find that the image doesn't do the real-life vision any justice. VSCO focusses on stills alone and was created as a straightforward tool to give you the best editing options for your images. Change the focus and common colour settings such as contrast and brightness to filter photographs to get the most out of the picture-perfect images that are right in front of you.

Download VSCO here.

15) Horizon Camera
Horizon camera is the best app to avoid recording fails only ever seen by inexperienced iPhone videographers! Forcing you to record in landscape mode, regardless of how you're holding the phone, it also has a slow-motion feature to add an extra special effect to your iPhone videos.

Download Horizon Camera here.

16) Prisma
Prisma takes your ordinary image and makes it extraordinary. Using sophisticated filtering capabilities, Prisma turns your images into gorgeous paintings to be enjoyed by all.

Download Prisma here.

17) Filmborn
The Filmborn app connects to your gallery and turns your photos into one of nine pre-loaded film stills. With its inspiration lying with Kodak and Fujifilm imagery, Filmborn blends film and digital photography beautifully.

Download Filmborn here.

18) RNI Films
RNI stands for real nice images, and that's exactly what the app gives you!

RNI comes pre-loaded with some image editing tools aptly named after the film mock-ups each replicate. The app has a user-friendly interface and the more sophisticated range of filters are well worth the price.

Download RNI Films here.

19) Paper Camera
Paper Camera is a unique photo filter app which allows you to add the filter before you capture the image so you can decide if you're using the right filter before you snap! You can choose from a wide range of light-hearted comical filters and it also has a feature where you can upload existing images too.

Download Paper Camera here.

20) Lifecake
Lifecake is a revolutionary app that helps you document the different stages of a child's life by choosing photos from different dates and comparing the two. With a sophisticated sharing feature, you can add your own notes to the images to let people know the details of the photos before you share with your community. 

Download Lifecake here.

21) Pixelwakker
Pixelwakker is an entertaining app that breaks images down into painting form to give them an arty edge! With a variety of features such as pixel imagery and colour rain, you can post your creative flair to your Instagram account and woo your followers with your arty talents!

Download Pixelwakker here.

22) Sktchy
Sktchy is a community-based art app which allows the user to post pictures of themselves and another user paints you. It's a great space for allowing your artistic flair to run wild and to find inspiration for your own artistic musings.

Download Sktchy here.

23) TouchRetouch
You've got the beautiful sunrise in front of you and the perfect image is ruined once you notice the ugly green sunspot smack bang in the middle of your image. Touch Retouch provides a handy tool to discreetly remove sun spots that have the potential to ruin iPhone photos of a special moment. With more precision than other apps with this feature, you can cover the green spots without any sign that they were there in the first place. Well worth the download fee to preserve those special memories.

Download TouchRetouch here.

24) TiltShift
Tilt-shift photography is essentially a way to make real-life subjects appear miniature. You've seen the pictures of people leaving against the giant Leaning Tower of Pisa? That's tilt-shift at its best. The Tiltshift app takes your images and adds tilt-shift effects to get the same look. With a host of additional features such as lens blur and bloom adjustment, it also lets you share your photos through your social channels.

Download TiltShift here.

25) YouCam Snap
YouCam Snap is a revolutionary app that adjusts those images which others need to reference. If you need to take a picture of notes on a whiteboard, college notes, or a presentation; upload to YouCam which will correct and adjust the images to make them a perfect reference guide for other users.

Download YouCam Snap here.

26) TinType
TinType is an easy-to-use app which turns your photos into an old school version of yourself. If you want to create invitations for a themed party, or simply add a point of difference to your selfie, tintype is easy to use and makes your photos look like they've been retrieved from hundreds of years in the past! 

Download TinType here.

27) Polarr
Polarr provides a fully integrated range of features which start before you capture the image and end with a perfectly edited image that you can be proud of. Providing exposure tools, filters, expert tools and sharing capabilities, this app is an end-to-end editing app and is a must for anyone who ever uses their camera. The free version is a little more restricted than the full version but it still offers a wider range of features.

Download Polarr here.

There's no excuse for bad photos anymore. The existing camera capabilities available on your iPhone combined with the broad range of editing apps will make the best images, perfect!

Did we miss any apps? Let us know in the comments below!

Posted 2 July, 2017


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