17 Businesses To Start For Under $10,000

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Your great idea needs you to invest your time and ambition into it, so it can make you money and possibly help you find reliable self-employment. That idea could be based on business consultancy, party planning, fix-it services, resume writing or even child care services.

For every idea, there is a unique requirement in terms of budget, interest, and skill. Depending on these factors, there are business ideas that will need less than 10 dollars to start up. Other ideas require less than $2,000 to start up.

Your type of potential customer depends on the business idea you choose. Yours could be a part-time or full-time, probably requiring you to be present online, at a small storefront, at your client’s business premises or in their homes.

You will also need to know the required skill level for each idea; a business overview, business marketing tips and the average rates being charged in the market at the moment. We will give you various resources, including books, websites, and business associations. They will come in handy if you are going to proceed with your analysis, in case a brilliant idea comes to mind.

The resources featured in this post are not meant to endorse any publication or company. Every entrepreneur should ensure they work with reputable organizations. These resources are simply meant to assist you in transforming your business idea into business ownership.

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Do you have business ideas that raise your adrenaline, but starting capital is keeping you from following your dream? Well, refresh your coffee cup and sit back and follow these ideas to make your job easy:

1. Image Consultant

This business is quite exciting, because you get good pay for helping people look great. You help someone ace a job interview, feel good about the way they feel, make a great first impression or turn heads at an important event.

This can be achieved through various strategies, such as:

  • Etiquette training

  • Posture and handshake training

  • Analyzing the current image and developing a new one

  • Wardrobe updating and consulting

  • Developing better communication skills

Politicians, corporate executives, media personalities, sales professionals, public speakers, singles looking for dates, people on the job market and those recovering from major injuries or illnesses will be your potential clients.

Clients will be referred to your business if you establish good alliance networks. Involve fitness trainers, corporations, public relations consultants and makeup and hair professionals. Resources you may want to refer to include Gloria Star Success Strategies: Image and Etiquette Consultant Training, and Association of Image Consultants International.

2. Non-medical Home Care

The aging population is increasing in the United States, and the non-medical homecare industry is expanding too. Services offered in this industry include:

  • Medication reminders

  • Meal preparation

  • Companionship

  • Housekeeping duties

  • Running errands

  • Shopping

  • Laundry

New mothers, patients recovering from illness or injuries and people living with disabilities also need similar services. It is an easy venture as it requires minimal experience and skill, but a lot of compassion and reliability. You will be required to be bonded and carry insurance, and you may choose to conduct the business alone or grow it into an organization.

Some of the rich resources you may want to refer to include: Entrepreneur Press and Charlene Davis’ Start Your Own Senior Services Business (Entrepreneur Press, 2014), Home Care Association of America and Family Caregiver Alliance.

3. Makeup Artist

For this venture, you will serve TV or film shoots, public speaking engagements, reunions, parties, and interviews. You can operate as a mobile entity, establish a shop or join hands with an established day spa, salon or nail studio.

Strong working relationships with event planners, wedding planners and people working in the fashion industry will boost the number of customers you serve. You can contact Professional Beauty Associations or International Make-Up Associations, and join classes for extra learning.

4. Personal Fitness Trainer

Certification is necessary for anyone who wants to get into this field. Contact the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, National Federation of Professional Trainers or International Fitness Association for professional guidance. You can then serve people at their residences or workplaces, or open a fitness studio where you can offer group or one-on-one training programs. Disabled people, senior citizens, kids, moms-to-be and busy executives will be your best customers.

5. Furniture Repairs and Refinishing

If you are skilled with upholstery and woodwork, you can operate a fully equipped van to repair furniture wherever your customers are. They will include office movers, property managers, business owners, hotels, and restaurants. Christophe Pourny’s The Furniture Bible is a rich resource if you intend to explore this area.

6. Decorating Service

This requires good tools, skills, and high creativity in design and decoration in order to successfully pull through. It’s a solid venture if you are talented in decoration. Some resources you may want to check out include the American Society of Interior Designers, the International Interior Design Association, and Certified Interior Decorators International. Social media platforms may be a good marketing strategy for you, by posting brochures with beautiful before-and-after showcases.

7. Handyperson

All you need to start this business is the right tools and skills such as carpentry, plumbing, and flooring. You will need to be a Jill-of-all-trades. When you do these jobs well, word of mouth will help you get repeat customers and find new ones. You may want to refer to the United Handyman Association, or the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals.

8. Commercial Cleaning

This industry is generating billions of dollars every year. Services offered include vacuuming, dusting, and polishing. It is similar to the service offered by residential cleaners, only on a larger scale. Commercial cleaning also includes washing windows, recycling receptacles, emptying trash, and replenishing soaps and other products.

Resources such as Start Your Own Cleaning Service (Entrepreneur Press 2014) and ISSA (Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association) might come in handy for you.

9. Rubbish Removal

Using a few cans, shovels, rakes and a trailer or truck, you can charge clients based on quotation, truckload or by the hour to remove junk on their behalf.

10. Chimney Sweep

Training is offered when one purchases the cleaning equipment. If you are experienced in masonry repairs, chimney rebuilding, brick sealing, and repointing are some of the related services you can offer.

11. Blind Cleaning

In North America, window blinds are popularly used for covering windows both at the office and at home.  Ultrasonic equipment is capable of cleaning them without the risk of causing damage to the operational parts of the blinds themselves.

12. Dent Removal

Small dents on vehicles do not necessarily require full painting. You can use specialized equipment to remove such small dings and dents. You may add services such as window tinting, window chip repair and automobile detailing to your list.

13. Bicycle Repair Service

A home-based workshop would be a great idea for a mechanical entrepreneur who is passionate about cycling. In order to attract new customers, you can circulate fliers in your neighborhood, or place adverts in the local newspaper.

14. Event and Party Planner

These people host and organize events such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduations and award ceremonies. They carry out every activity, including sending invitation cards, decorations, preparing the venue and finding caterers.

15. Wedding Planner

They take all responsibilities to save the involved couple from worrying too much, and also come up with a pocket-friendly budget. You may want to refer to Start Your Own Wedding Consulting Business for more insights.

16. Bounce House Rentals

This is quite easy, and one can make unbelievably big profits, especially during holidays. A used bounce house can be bought at half the cost of buying a new one. The inflatables will require space for storage, and means of transportation.

17. Childcare Center

To make ends meet, most families need income from two full-time jobs. Both parents need to go to work.  If you establish a daycare facility, you will incur very little starting expenses. It is very likely you will have to turn some parents down once you start, because they will come pouring in once you get going.

So, stop complaining about the cost of starting that big business you have always dreamt about. Begin with one of these simple but low-cost ideas. Pick one that you are passionate about, and you will be surprised how much money you could make from it.

Did you gather any insights from this post? Is there any topic you think we should cover in our next post? Just leave your comment here, and we may get back to you.

Posted 9 September, 2017


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