Nowadays, it’s necessary for businesses to use the Internet to market their products and services. It’s a cost-efficient tool which reaches a wide array of people. That is why Chris Christodoulou, a lettings agent and owner of Ashmore Residential, believed that his website was invaluable to their success.

“I operate my business from a serviced office location rather than the local high street, therefore, the website is my shop front and it’s what my customers see before meeting me,” shared Chris.

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One day, Chris opened his website and was surprised to find several errors. Most of the images weren’t uploading and the hyperlinks on the site’s banner were broken. Aside from the functionality issues, his Wordpress version needed an update.

The website’s problems caused a reduction in site visits and inquiries. All the missing information was vital for Chris to spark interest in his potential customers.

Since his business was his only source of income, fixing the website was his utmost priority at that time. Chris wanted to get it done immediately so he can continue closing deals and meeting new clients.

He turned to a local developer for help, who Chris thought was uninterested and was charging way too much for the project. The £480 price tag exceeded Chris’ budget so he sought for a solution elsewhere.

A colleague suggested that Chris tries Having a huge pool of qualified web developers, Chris was bound to find the needed help he was seeking.

The Perfect Website Developer

Once signed up, he posted his project and, with the help of Freelancer’s Recruiter Team, found Pakistani web developer Muhammad Yaseen.

Muhammad, being a Preferred Freelancer, was perfect for the task since his scores in job completion, budget-friendliness, and punctuality faired very high. “Muhammad’s reviews were excellent. He demonstrated his understanding of the brief, he was easy to communicate with and was thorough in his approach to completing the project,” said Chris.

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Muhammad began working after discussing the project details with Chris. They communicated through the Freelancer Chat all throughout the project’s two-week duration. Being able to chat with Muhammad was one of Chris’ best experiences on the platform since he was able to communicate his ideas clearly and concisely.

Chris released the payment through the Freelancer Milestone Payment System as soon as Muhammad delivered the fixed website. The project cost him £200, half of what he would have paid for if he opted to hire local web developers.

Immediate Growth

It didn’t take long for Chris to see his company’s growth. The website’s average monthly visitors doubled since it was improved. Aside from the traffic, conversion rates rose too. Most of the site’s visitors became paying customers.

“The website is now looking and performing as intended. Thanks to Freelancer, I can now focus on developing my business further rather than worrying about how to fix problems, which is very time consuming when running a small enterprise,” said Chris.

As a business owner with the goal of generating revenue, he had to minimize expenditures and invest wisely on services that benefit the company. Chris’ decision of choosing Freelancer paid great dividends.

Chris continues to strive for excellence. And with Freelancer as his trump card, he need not worry about any roadblocks along the way.

Unleash your project’s potential and aim for greater heights. Hire a freelancer and see the difference.

Posted 8 May, 2017

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