Content Writing for SEO Best Practices

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The content written on a webpage can dramatically affect the ranking for that page in search engines. It is important that content is written to provide the highest boost to SEO possible while ensuring it is still human readable and not overdone with keywords.

When writing content for the site it is important to follow these guidelines:

Be Original

Being original is the best SEO tip so far. Be the person that others copy. Don’t try to copy other website’s content and concepts. Being original and being unique are two different things. Being original means you made it.. You are the originator.

Write for Humans and optimize for search engines

First and most important thing in SEO copywriting is writing content for humans not for search engines. But you should optimize content for search engine robots (crawlers). Your web page content should be easily accessible to search engine’s robots.

No Spelling or Grammatical Errors

Make sure not to commit grammatical or spelling errors. Double check the content and look for possible errors before delivering the project to the client.

Use related Keywords, Synonyms and Grammatical Variations

Google and other search engines use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to match search results to the intentions of the person performing the search. Using synonyms, related keywords, and grammatical variations is an easy way to make your content more relevant ­ without stuffing the actual keywords into the copy.

Stay Relevant to the Page

This is very important. When writing content about PHP for example it is important that all text and keywords relate to PHP. It is also important that the text stays relevant to the goal of the page. If a page is aiming to promote hiring a PHP freelancer than the text should revolve around this goal.

Break it Up

Don’t just write text in one long paragraph. Break it up, use multiple paragraphs, use lists and use sub headings with relevant keywords for the paragraph. 

Posted 5 November, 2014


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