Full-Time Father Embraces Another Full-Time Role

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In 2012, Diego “Dieguito Li” Quiroga, suffered a sports-related injury that sidelined him in accomplishing his work duties. His boss wasn’t pleased with the situation, therefore causing tension between the two. This lead the Argentinian-designer to his decision to quit.


A New Opportunity

Diego’s search for a new job led him to Freelancer. “I decided to give online freelancing a shot, thinking that it was really hard to succeed,” shared Diego.


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The first project Diego was awarded with was a simple character sketch to be used for the employer’s website. After a whole day of working on the design, he completed it and sent it over to his employer.

In a matter of hours, Diego received some feedback. The employer was very happy with the design he received and was certain that if he needed a design project done again, he would hire Diego.

Working on a couple of projects helped Diego build his credibility and portfolio on the site. Reviews and ratings from previous employers play vital roles in landing projects. Diego makes it a point to exhibit utmost professionalism by providing his employers with only his best works and good working relationships.


Reaching New Milestones

After a couple of years freelancing, he has learned to love the setup. Having the opportunity to work at home was a pleasing experience for Diego, since he was able to spend more time on activities he enjoyed such as football, tennis and running.


According to Diego, that wasn’t the best part of being a freelancer. “Working as a freelancer let me be present in every moment of my newborn baby's life. He’s growing up so fast, and he learns something new everyday,” enthused Diego.


Away From Keyboard

Spending time away from his laptop and being with his baby, Dante, is nothing new to Diego. He’s able to work on the go using the Freelancer mobile app which made searching and bidding for projects very convenient.


Projects kept coming in and Diego worked extra hard to get his projects completed. He recalls a project wherein he was hired to design a series of books to be used in teaching English to Taiwanese kindergarten students.

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“Knowing my work was making a difference in the lives of others makes me feel so proud of the hard work I put in,” mentioned Diego. The six-month long project was the longest and most memorable project Diego worked on.

The earnings Diego received from the project were added to his savings. He wants to save enough money for another family vacation, but this time with baby Dante.


Living the Dream

Working as a freelancer has brought Diego a step closer to achieving his dream -- to travel the globe. A year into freelancing, Diego and his wife visited Japan for a vacation. It was their dream destination and it left them in awe. The month-long stay was a fantastic experience for the Quiroga duo.


Diego was also able to upgrade his design equipment. He purchased a new computer and a top notch design tablet, which were much better than his old notebook and Wacom tablet.


“Now I know that talent is important but not as much as a lot of hard work and constancy,” said Diego. With the commitment he’s put into his freelance design work, he’s bound to travel the world alongside his wife and son.

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Posted 5 January, 2017

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