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Blogs serve different purposes for different people. For some, it is just an avenue to express their thoughts. People start blogs for different reasons. Some of the purposes a blog serves are:

  • Establishment as an expert - some people may use a blog to establish themselves as experts in certain fields. If you are trying to penetrate a certain industry, you may want to blog on the topic and show this to potential investors or employers.

  • Helping others - some blogs are written with the intention of helping people solve similar problems they might be going through. These are often on issues such as health or finance, and often have a huge following. Most people are looking for solutions, and are consoled when others share the same problems.

  • Blogging connects with you people who think like you, and have the same interests. With time, you can collect a sizeable following, provided your content is good.

  • Marketing - you can market a product or service you are selling. Or, you can post informative content on the same product or service. You can direct people towards your blog for more information.

  • Make money - with time, your blog can bring in money through advertisements.

  • For creative fun - you can start a blog for your own creative fun. You might have a passion for cooking, and start a blog that shares recipes.

  • Use the blog for expressing your opinions and thoughts on different issues. This is especially true of topics that people hold dear, like politics.

Blogs have become very popular. It is easy to start one, and then get swallowed up in the sea of blogs. Unless you have powerful and interesting content, yours may end up just a statistic. There are many tricks and tips on the internet on how to increase traffic, like how to make Google rank you highly, and all sorts of technical information you might not have been aware of.

Sifting through all this information may give you a headache. How do you improve the power of your blog? You want to connect with the wider web to drive traffic your way, but you should be very choosy on the hyperlinks you post. Blogs with fewer interruptions from links are more enjoyable to read.

The answer lies in one very simple, easy method and a few steps.

1. Plan Links

After you’ve chosen new content for a blog post, go through your recently published content, your cornerstone content and your landing page for whatever products or services you are blogging about.

Choose between three and five links, keeping in mind how long your blog post is. Look for ways to insert links to other content you might want to highlight. This link highlights extra content you want the reader to read, but without distracting them.

If you put too many links in a short post, it will look crowded and the reader will feel distracted. This means the content of that post will not really make an impact, because most people do not read an entire article if distracted.

If you want your message to hit home, grab the reader’s attention with interesting content that has minimal distractions. A short post full of links will be too crowded. Plan how to distribute the links in every blog post. For example, you could insert one hyperlink for every few hundred words. This way, you balance out the number of links against the number of words.

2. Use interesting and captivating language

The #1 rule in blogging is, ‘know your audience.’ As a blogger, you know what interests your readers. You also know the demographics, and therefore what language to use. Once you identify the content to write, think of interesting and captivating ways to use language. It can be a soft sell. The soft sell is a sales technique that uses subtle strategies, rather than a direct or hard sell. Instead of adding a call to action, you can persuade the reader by making subtle suggestions.

For example, if you have a cooking blog and you have a recipe for a cake you baked, you can add a link to different type of cake you baked earlier, or something else you think might interest them. A powerful blog interacts with its followers and answers questions that they ask, engaging them every step of the way.

If your blog is a fashion blog that talks about makeup and new fashion trends, you’ll know the right language is rich in imagery. Your audience will appreciate new tips. If you have a separate page that sells clothes, makeup, and accessories, you will do yourself a favor by redirecting your readers to this page.

3. Your content should prompt more content

You might know how hard it is to come up with new content every time you need to post. Sometimes you suffer from writer’s block, because you have written on so many topics you have run out of interesting topics.

Spinning your content is perfectly okay. Create content your audience will find captivating, and will keep revisiting. Or you can go to freelancer.com and engage a freelance SEO content writer who will write original, plagiarism-free content.

Using your content to prompt more content is a tip new bloggers will find very helpful, and old bloggers use all the time. If you mention a new topic in your blog post, make sure you explain it briefly. Make a note to write a separate and more in-depth post later.

Once you write the in-depth topic, go to the old blog and add the new hyperlink in that blog post. This is perfectly legitimate behaviour. As long as your content is complete, you do not have to worry about perfection, as you can always make changes and add hyperlinks later.

The idea of adding hyperlinks means your new readers will have an opportunity to read some of your older blogs they have not read before. It is a good way of ensuring your older content isn’t shoved under the rug and forgotten.

This is a good way of getting new readers hooked to your blog, and it’s good motivation to keep churning out new content. Your blog will have a sizeable following in no time, and you will make a bigger impact.

Your readers will have questions, and will ask you to write on certain topics. This is a good way of getting new and unique topic ideas. Make sure you read comments and questions posted in the comments section, because that is where your readers express their opinions.

4. Conclusion

Blogging is a personal choice. Whatever the reason you do it, you definitely want your blog to reach a larger audience. After all, you did create it for the public and for sharing your information.

Getting a top-ranked blog takes hard work, and if you want it to make money it needs a lot of patience and dedication. Your posts have to be regular, and the content interesting and relevant.

Do you have any comments or questions you would like to ask? Feel free to post them below in the comment section.


Posted 25 November, 2017


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