Firearms Instructor Hits the Bull's-Eye in Business

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The typical active duty qualification for most police officers around the globe is firing 50 rounds a year, according to former US Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer and sniper instructor Chris Sajnog. "The level of training that our law enforcement and civilians were receiving was severely lacking in quality. For legally armed civilians, the training is either worse or non-existent," he said.

With 25 years of elite experience as an instructor for the US Navy SEALs, the world's most renowned fighting force, Chris knew he had to do something. "I retired from the US Navy because I grew up without a father and I saw that my two boys were experiencing the same thing," he said. This however, was not an excuse for Chris to completely withdraw himself from his passion for firearms tactics and combat marksmanship.

Known to many as Chief Sajnog, he was the leading firearms instructor of the SEALs teams sniper program and was also the author of the SEAL Sniper manual. At 45, he has never been more pumped to put his passion to work. Thus, he created Center Mass Group, a company that trains military, law enforcement, and civilians to shoot like a Navy SEAL. "I hope to ensure that our nation's police officers get the opportunity to be trained by the best. Likewise, individuals who have the right to legally carry a firearm also have the responsibility to know how to use it safely and effectively."

Along with his carefully selected Navy SEAL instructors, they train and ensure students are safe, responsible, and skilled with the use of their firearms to protect themselves and everyone else around them. "Safety is the most important part in training. I teach students to remember the acronym S.E.A.L – Safe, Effective, Adaptable, and Learned. Safety always comes first."

Center Mass Group, based in San Diego, California, is currently seeking investors to begin construction on an Airsoft and CQC training facility in Southern California. The multi-level training facility will have building has over 15,000 sq. ft. of space and include unique features such as stairs, ladders, rappel, and breaching station.

Making the Company Known Digitally

With plans of launching an online firearms training course in the near future, it's important for Chris to increase the visitors of his business website,, where he blogs and provides access to his books, coaching, and speaking opportunities.

"My personal website helps the business greatly. I've been able to share the site with several media agencies and they were impressed at how easy it is for them to access personal information about me and the brand." Chris shared that before was built, he was getting an average of eight new leads per day but after the site was up and running, he went to an average of 35 per day. was made through for less than half of what Chris was quoted locally. "I paid US$500 for the project and it would have cost me US$1,200 locally. The customer service on is also great so I came back after I had a project in the past," he said.

To make the project run smoother, Chris upgraded to Recruiter and was matched to a freelancer in less than 45 minutes. "The recruiter was friendly and professional. I felt like I just hired a trusted hiring manager. She listened to exactly what I needed and got to work right away. The freelancer, OVX Solutions was also amazing to work with."

Chris shared that after he paid OVX Solutions, they still went back to work on the site to make sure everything was working perfectly. He also didn't consider having the site optimized for SEO but OVX Solutions automatically installed the right plugins to make sure his site not only looked and worked great, but was also easily found online.

"I got really lucky with OVX Solutions and was happy that there are recruiters on who made everything easy. The quality of work completed is at par to the standards of a US Navy SEAL and the customer service alone was well worth the price I paid."

Posted 4 September, 2015

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