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Andrea Pambianchi, co-owner of six fitness clubs in Italy, needed icons for their exclusive classes. He decided to try's Contests because he wanted to be able to have a look at a wide array of options. He had no idea what he wanted in terms of color schemes, design, and shapes. All he knew was that he needed 38 icons as soon as possible because the classes were about to launch.

He learned about through an advertisement. "I picked among other similar sites because it is on a global scale and also because the Contest option is a great way to find the best skilled freelancers."

After only a few days, Andrea received 23 options to pick from. Wondering how many entries he could possibly get, he upgraded the listing to "Featured" to attract more submissions. After 28 days, the contest ended with a total of 52 entries. Andrea picked the icons designed by a woman called Denisse from Spain.

"I needed icons, and I got them. I learned that on, I could solve my problem," Andrea said.

About Dabliu

The fitness brand Dabliu was launched in 1996. The concept was so different because at the time there were only single clubs without brand identity. The launch of Dabliu created a network of clubs with common management and vision.

"Dabliu is much more than an average gym. It is a place where gym-goers would feel at home, find new friends and do their best workouts with amazing trainers. Dabliu continuously provides new and exclusive classes, events, and a lot of fun!"

Recently, they have acquired the license to operate Hard Candy Fitness, the luxury fitness brand made by Madonna. The company runs six Dabliu clubs and two Hard Candy Fitness clubs in Rome.

Project Snapshot Box:

Project: Icons for Fitness Classes

Cost of the Icons: 300 Euros.

Entries: 52

Approximate cost if sourced locally: 2,500 Euros


Posted 5 October, 2015

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