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Are you looking for a creative way to communicate to your customers? Just like any other marketing tool, flyers can attract customers and increase their awareness of your products and services. These cost effective marketing tools are ideal for promoting special events such as music concerts, sales and store openings and can be a great way to showcase your business logo.


Need some flyer design ideas? We’ve pooled together some creative flyer templates for your next project! The best part? They’re all absolutely free!

01. Free Cinco de Mayo Flyer Template

5.jpgBright colours, funky fonts and cute snapshots creates a fun-filled flyer and can excite your readers. This flyer template, available on Flyer Heroes,  is not only perfect for any Mexican themed idea with its strong red, green and white colour scheme but also great for any party with its use of fun decorations.   


02. Boxing Sports Event Free Flyer Template


The orange, black and white colour scheme adds a retro theme to your content. Available on freepsdflyer, this flyer template almost equally separates the hero image and basic information, clearly showcasing the purpose of the flyer. This design is ideal for events or festivals.


03. Christmas Retail Posters


The Christmas theme in this flyer template is clear, with a wintery blue colour scheme, nativity decoration and a clear title. This flyer template design, by Renee Nicole, available on postermywall, effectively divides the space to provide the reader with brief information and a clear indication of the retail sale. This flyer can be customised to suit any retail objective but is ideal for the Christmas season.

04. Pasta Restaurant Flyer


If you’re promoting food, this flyer template is the design for you. Vibrant colours, contrast with the black background and display a chalkboard-like feel to the flyer that show off the food and fresh ingredients.The combination of these elements not only highlights the food but also enhances the information you want to present. This flyer template is available on freepsdflyer and is ideal to showcase recipes, restaurants and any food based information you have.

05. Simple Educational Flyer


If you have a substantial amount of information to present and minimal images, this simple flyer template, available through Lucidpress is perfect for you. It provides ample space for three to four paragraphs and a simple image to complement the text. This flyer template is ideal for invitations and content introductions.

06. Free Summer / Soccer Camp Flyer

2.jpgWith a clear title, large image and brief information, this design, by Nguyen Hoang Giang, on flyerheroes, is bound to catch your attention. Your message will be loud and clear and immediately inform the reader what it is you’re about. This flyer template is ideal for all types of events for schools, parties or community organisations.


07. Geometric Shapes Flyer


The simplicity of shapes adds the perfect professional touch to any flyer. This flyer template, designed through Freepik and available on Free Vector, is ideal for any business advertisement, event or information publicity. The design allows room for brief information and a clear headline to catch the reader’s attention.


08. Another Side Free Flyer Template

6.jpgCreated by Brandsclap and available on freepsdflyer, the simplicity of this flyer template draws your eye directly to the content. The black, grey and orange colour combination adds a retro feel to the template. This design is ideal in promoting lectures, presentations or professional events.

09. Fundraiser Free PSD Flyer Template

7.jpgFilled with love and colour, this flyer template will grab your reader’s attention. Available on styleflyers, this design is well-divided and effectively distributes its information and photos across the page. It is easy to customise the colours, images and texts and is ideal for event advertising, charity work or information publicizing.


10. Birthday Flyer Template


If you want to share your child’s birthday party, this flyer template is ideal for your cause, with its childish drawings and colourful shapes. The cute pictures clearly show the purpose of the flyer and the space for information complements the event. Available on smiletemplates, this flyer is ideal for invitations, birthdays or any event for your child.


11. Newsletter Template


If you have event dates to promote or key events to showcase, this template is perfect for you. Available on postermywall, this design clearly promotes your events to your customers. It has appropriate space for the event’s basic information and graphics. This flyer template is ideal for a monthly calendar for any organisation.

12. Beer Festival Template


It’s big, it’s bold and it will catch your attention. This flyer is all about the graphics and its colourful presence will grab the reader’s attention. Available on donepixels, this minimalistic design is perfect for events and festivals as it provides basic information and clearly presents the theme - an impactful flyer template!


13. Red and Black Geometric Flyer


This red, black and white colour scheme adds the perfect professional touch to your flyer. Available on freepik, the flyer template effectively divides the images and words to present your information. This design is ideal for business events, published works or any professional information you want to present.


14. Vintage Flowers Wedding Invitation


This feminine and mature flyer template is perfect for any formal occasion or family event. Available on freepsdflyer, the contrast effect between the black background and pale coloured images, maintains simplicity and sophistication. The information is quick and easy to read and immediately informs the reader about the content of the flyer.

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