Freelance Recruiters: How to Hire the Best

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Human resources professionals find the task of filling various positions with the right people challenging enough. But, hiring professionals or any workforce online can be an even more complicated challenge, especially if the interviewer and the candidate are oceans apart. It is however, very possible to attract, hire, and retain competent staff online because there is a rich pool of available talent.

If you are a freelance recruiter, consider the Web as your number one tool for sourcing different experts and personnel for your clients. Here is how you can hire the best online.

Become a smart recruiter

Detailed Job Postings

Posting jobs online is pretty easy and cheap, if not free. Unfortunately, a lot of job seekers are so bold that they apply for a job the moment they get the faintest feeling that they stand a chance to be hired. This is especially common if the posting doesn’t note any specific skills, academic qualifications, and experience. Knock out a few less qualified applicants by stating that those who don’t meet the requirements listed shouldn’t bother applying.

Demand for Verified Credentials

Some freelance recruiters have encountered candidates who apply for jobs using other people’s resumes, names, certificates, and anything else they believe can project them as the most-qualified candidates for the job. In case you become suspicious of an applicant’s documents, ask for verified ones. Some jobs are so sensitive that you don’t want to take any risks. Stating that you only consider candidates without any past criminal record is not enough.

Verifiable Recommendations

Some online job applicants are smart. They can generate phony company names and even assign themselves amazing designations complete with a pile of “duties and responsibilities” in the said positions. You have to be careful and avoid getting fooled by a make-believe resume or cover letter. Audit every item on the resume, and if you have queries, ask for clarification. Ideally, ask for referees and contact them. A simple Google search will point you to the right direction.

How to recruit the best

Review the Online Profile

Applicants with verifiable online profiles on freelance marketplaces such as are ideal, especially if hiring for similar positions. You can review past projects, client feedback, their rating, and even get an idea about their rates. Visit their social media profiles such as LinkedIn (very important), Facebook, and even Twitter. This information is crucial in guiding you to make the right decision. Furthermore, if they have a portfolio online (in their name), then that is even better because you can authenticate the information.

Skype Interviews and Tests

As a freelance recruiter, you can only remain relevant in the market if your clients are happy with the people you recruit. You therefore should design comprehensive, job-specific online interviews and tests to weed out the unqualified applicants. Sometimes, you may just want to interrogate the applicant to weigh their intellect. Some lazy applicants will obviously not have time for the tests.

The recruitment process can be tasking and challenging. Despite all this, the process shouldn't be rushed because it's ultimately more important to find the best person with the right qualifications for the position. 

Posted 7 July, 2015


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