Modernizing Architectural Experience With VR System

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Gary Walker, a British architect, was working on the blueprint for his house when he was struck with an idea to incorporate a virtual reality system to his architectural work. Having the technology would allow Gary’s clients to visualize themselves in their dream houses.

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He rushed to Google and searched for a 3D artist and programmer who could help him build the VR system. His search led him to several freelancing sites, and he went with Freelancer, which best met his expectations.

“I chose as it was modern and easy to use,” shared Gary.

Turning Visions Into Reality

Once he was done signing up, he quickly posted a project and received bids that matched his requirements. Gary chose Melinda Team, a China-based group of freelancers. He tasked them to do the following:

  • optimize and export his 3D models into a game engine

  • create a realistic VR environment that will allow users to play around with textures and interact within the system.

Gary wanted the job done in four days, since he wanted to immerse the program in his business immediately. Fortunately, the Melinda Team specialized in augmented reality applications and 3D modeling.

After four days, Gary finally received the product. He was speechless with the program Melinda Team created. The program he had envisioned was right there in front of him and was ready for testing.

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Having the project made for half the price than it was quoted locally and in a four-day span would have been impossible. Gary was grateful that he found Freelancer and Melinda Team.

“Melinda Team was amazing, very professional, hardworking, extremely helpful and polite.  Any issues or changes in requirements were met with no issues. They even stayed up very late to meet the deadline. I truly got my money’s worth,” mentioned Gary.

Paying the Melinda Team for the work they provided was a walk in the park for Gary, since he used Freelancer’s Milestone Payment.

A Thriving Business

"This project has greatly impacted my business. Clients are becoming more and more interested in using Virtual Reality. My business revenue and client lists have increased, while my workload has decreased as I am able to outsource more and more work through Freelancer. A perfect combination to say the least," said Gary.

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Now that Gary’s project is complete, he looks forward to pioneering VR technology in Northern Ireland. In the midst of the the excitement, Gary knows that his project is still in its early stages and will undergo even more improvements down the road.

Having a platform such as Freelancer and talents like the Melinda Team help entrepreneurs like Gary substantialize their ideas.

Do you have a great concept in mind? Post a project today.

Posted 3 February, 2017

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