“The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and re-imagines the world”

~Malcolm Gladwell

Energy development is the reason behind Geoffrey Van Der Maesen’s idea, the Gaia Center, a school that uses renewable sources of energy such as solar panels, a hydro-electric center, and a wind farm for sustainability.

The idea behind the project began in mid-2016 when Geoffrey watched French documentary, “Demain”, which means “tomorrow” in English. While watching, Geoffrey pondered on the environmental and social problems the world was facing and realized that it was time to take action.

Greenschool, an eco-friendly school from Bali, Indonesia, was the inspiration for the project and it was also used as a basis for what Geoffrey wanted to build in his hometown of Tahiti.

3D Models for Eco-School in Tahiti, Designed by a Freelancer - Image 1

Geoffrey began writing more about the project’s details and started approaching people to find ways of getting the project started.

To get the project done, he needed 3D models of both the interior and exterior of the Gaia Center. The models were to be used in presenting the idea to the French Polynesian government and also to the public.

“For this project to get started, I was in need of someone with skills in 3D animation, 3D design, modelization, architecture, and 3D rendering,” shared Geoffrey.

A discussion with a family friend led to the conclusion that the project could only be done if he outsources to international talent.

Finding the Best

The search for international talent led to Freelancer. After signing up, Geoffrey posted a contest.

Finding the perfect design was an easy feat since he had a good number of selections. After a month of anticipation, he finally chose the perfect design from a Colombian freelance team, areyesrueda.

Geoffrey had no difficulties in working with his chosen freelancer. “It was easy working on Freelancer because of two features: chatting and sending/receiving files through the site. Those two features allow us to keep communication lines open and discuss opportunities with our freelancer,” mentioned Geoffrey.

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Another thing Geoffrey was pleased with was the quality of work he received for his budget. Spending $1,000 USD for a project that received quotes of up to $10,000 USD from local design teams was truly astonishing.

“The contest is my favorite feature as you can decide your budget and get many proposals from various freelancers. I like to see people put their best to win a prize or just to show that they are the best in what they do,” said Geoffrey.


Changing the World

Pursuing this project is monumental for Geoffrey. Most of his startups aim to earn remuneration and assets, but the Gaia Center is a non-profit project. Geoffrey aspires that the Gaia Center spurs change not just in his home, Polynesia, but also worldwide.

An Entrepreneur’s Best Investment - Image 2

Now that his models are ready, Geoffrey can present his brilliant idea effectively. With talents like areyesrueda and a platform like Freelancer.com, the Gaia Center is a step closer to becoming more than just an idea.


In March 2017, Geoffrey put up a community with a common goal of preserving mother nature. "Our oceans are full of pollution, and 70% of the trash found is made of plastic which kills millions of animals each year. By 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fishes which is why it is urgent to act now for the future of our children and the planet," said Geoffrey.

Local shops in French Polynesia have also joined the movement of banning the use of plastic bags on the island. Around 57 merchants have already committed to the cause. The collective awards these local merchants with a badge/label which serves as recognition for their efforts in helping improve mother nature.

The badge given was also designed via Freelancer Contest.

3D Models for Eco-School in Tahiti, Designed by a Freelancer - Image 1



Do you have a world-changing project of your own? If so, hire a freelancer and get it done.

Posted 6 January, 2017

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