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At, posting a contest is the way to crowdsource an idea. You can tap into tons of skilled freelancers by running a contest and get lots of great ideas while only having to pay for one.

But what happens if you need a result within a day or two? The Urgent Upgrade can help make that happen! This upgrade allows contest holders to set their contest duration for one or two days for just $35 USD, and is available for all design contests.


The Urgent Upgrade can be applied while creating a contest. Take note that as soon as the contest goes live, this upgrade will be unavailable.

An Urgent Contest is always displayed on top of the project listing and automatically becomes guaranteed. This means freelancers will have the assurance that you will select a winner and award the prize, attracting them to submit entries faster.

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Post a contest now and get Urgent Upgrade to receive amazing entries in no time!

Posted 25 March, 2015

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