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“Clients want to work only with Logotrak!” said Syed Saqlain, founder of custom logo design company Logotrak. “They rehire me for every new project.”

This was not an empty boast. He has over 2,000 reviews to prove that he is among the best on His secret: making his clients his top priority by churning out designs that are 100% tailored according to his client’s requirements.

But he’s not stopping there; he is aiming to become No. 1. “It’s kind of an award for me. If I keep working hard, I’m absolutely sure that I will be the Top 1 service provider on”

Seven years on the platform has not made him forget his roots. He constantly reminds himself of his first logo design project in 2008 where he earned US$30 and an additional US$35 for extra work on a stationery together with this project. He appreciated that Hala, his very first client, provided him the opportunity to get started on “Her positive feedback was my turning point.” Since then, Hala has repeatedly hired him, and Saqlain would even offer her free logo design services.

“ is the BEST way to achieve your aims and make your dreams come true,” he said. “Now I have so many potential clients from all over the world and get many projects on a daily basis.”

The man who’s now proud of the business he established is a far cry from the fresh graduate that made job-hopping a habit in the early years of his career. The underlying dissatisfaction led him to pursue his passion on his own.  ‘I wanted to be a successful person. I spent 10 years, but when I felt there was no chance to advance, I resigned and decided to start my own business through Freelancer in 2007. I also launched my own website, that year.”

In this Q&A, Saqlain talks about how he started in graphic design, the origins of his thriving business, and the key behind his success.

How did you start in graphic design work?

I studied graphics design in a small institute and obtained my diploma after two years. I landed a small job in a printing house; this was my first job as a graphics designer and my first salary was only 1,200 PKR.

How would you describe your early years on the platform?

I got into Freelancer when my friend told me about its predecessor, GetAFreelancer (GAF), in 2007.  If I needed some extra money, he said, I should join and do some freelance jobs from my house. So I created my account in many similar platforms, but I loved to spend my time on because it is very user-friendly and it’s easy to understand.

In the beginning, it was so boring because I didn’t get any response from an employer after placing 10 to 15 bids daily. But one day, I saw an email from GAF stating that I won a project worth US$30. I was really happy and did my best for my first ever client.

You’ve had over 2,500 projects under your belt in the seven years you’ve been a member of the Freelancer community. What do you think is the secret to your success?

We are very committed, honest, and reliable. We try our best to provide 100% custom designs and provide quick response. We offer high quality work and outstanding service to every single client.

What advice would you give other freelancers?

If you want to do something in your life, work hard and respect time. If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake; if you die poor, it’s your mistake.

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Posted 5 July, 2015

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