Hire the Right Freelancer (Signs That Tell You've Found the Best Fit)

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Starting a business is not an easy feat, and growing it only requires more hard work. There will come a point, even in the earlier stages of your business, that you will need help from freelancers. The need to delegate tasks will eventually arise.

Instead of hiring full-time employees, hire people for short-term projects. This cuts down the onboarding time and is often the cheaper option. Since you will most likely hire online (where countless of freelancers are waiting for work opportunities), you have far more candidates to choose from. But it doesn’t mean you’ll go out on a recruiting spree and hire just about everyone you come across online.

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How would you know if the freelancer you’ve found is the right fit for your project? Go over these signs and see if you have the best candidate for the job.

The freelancer owns a skill set that matches your requirements

First off, what do you really need help for? List them down and be totally honest with yourself as to what you can and cannot do.

You filtered your search and found a good list of 5-star freelancers. They are the ones who have established a good reputation on the site, and when you view their profile pages, they have all the relevant skills you need for your project.

There are freelancers on our platform who give time and effort to certify their skills and the results of which can help you decide whether you’ve found the right one or you should check the others on your list first.

If you have created your own hiring metrics, skills could probably be the easiest to tick off the list. But be keen in asking questions related to their declared expertise. Craft your questions according to what you need to get done so you have the clearest idea if the freelancer you’re eyeing to hire suits your project.

The freelancer has an astounding portfolio

The freelancer has an inviting showcase of previous works; like it’s screaming for your attention. And you give in because the projects are all spectacular. You can’t help but click one portfolio after another. You want that kind of impressive quality, too. If you experience something like this while looking at a portfolio, then you’ve found a match.

Previous employers only have good words to say

“Awesome job!” “Amazing freelancer!” “Will hire again.”

The Reviews section of the freelancer’s profile is filled with positive feedback from previous employers. Aside from the portfolio, this is another part of any freelancer’s profile that you should spend a great deal of time on.

The freelancer has sky-high ratings

The freelancer has 100% ratings in all of the metrics regarding jobs completed and if those were done on time and on budget. These are good signs that your project will be delivered as expected. The freelancer’s reputation gives you the impression of the kind of hard work and dedication they pour into this venture.

The freelancer is almost in the same time zone as you

You’re lucky to find a freelancer who is in the same time zone as you because it’s easier to give feedback and get revisions done faster. Here’s one sign to add to your hunt, specifically if you want a quicker project turnaround.

The freelancer asks many questions

Don’t take this negatively. A freelancer who asks a lot of questions about you, your business, and your project, is someone who takes into consideration your business philosophy. You’d know it if it’s the freelancer’s intention based on the types of questions raised, so you have to be aware of this also.

Get your checklist ready and post a project today. Be smart in choosing the freelancer to work with and don’t forget to review every bid proposal you’ll receive.


Posted 25 August, 2017

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