How Being Too Nice Can Be A Disadvantage

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It’s always a positive attitude to be nice and to treat other people in a good way; actually it’s the best path to take in the process of making new relations or friends

But when you’re too nice, that’s when your problems begin, and believe it or not you may find yourself dealing with situations that you were not ready for.

So here we will determine some disadvantages of being too nice


1.    People will not take you seriously:

Especially at work, in this case your Colleagues will take advantage of you and you’ll end up doing extra work without any benefits except words like: “you made my day” or “ you are the nicest person I know”, and when it comes to promotions you’ll mostly find some difficulties because people think that nice guys usually don't make great managers”


2.    You won’t have a balanced relationship:

Being “the nice partner” in a relationship sounds like perfection, but as the relationship goes deeper you’ll get to a point when you see it as a one part thing, you’ll realize that you’re the one who’s doing all the effort hardly trying to maintain the relationship.

You may also be lied to, ignored or worse, you’ll be taking for granted cause when you’re lewdly too nice to someone they mostly end up thinking that you’re just too in love with them and that no matter what they do to you and no matter how much they hurt you, you’ll forgive them.


3.    You will be seen as a weak person:

Some people will misunderstand your nice nature and they will think that you’re a weak person who can’t defend himself, so they will automatically try to take professional or emotional advantages of you and you may recognize that but you let them cause you prefer to always be the nicest guy .


4.    You will most likely be not happy:

As long as you prioritize other people, you never put yourself first and that will hardly affect you, you’ll not be satisfied about your career or your life in general, sometimes you’ll hardly criticize yourself. So a big disadvantage of being too nice is that you forget to treat yourself nicely, that’s why you’ll not be as happy as you need.


5.    What kills you?

My own expectations:

When you are too nice and helpful, you’ll expect people to treat you in the same way, and when they don’t, you will end up disappointed, sad and angry, because you simply can’t understand that people put their own needs first most of the time and you simply have to do the same.


It’s all about balance, you don’t need to be passive or arrogant to be successful, you just don’t have to make your nice personality become your handicap.

It’s not easy to change, so just make a decision and start training yourself not to be used, ask a specialist’s help it always work out.

And finally, find your inner balance and then all the pieces will fall into the right place.

Posted 28 November, 2017


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