How to Decide If a Freelancer Is Worthy of Repeat Hire

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Now and then, you would need minor updates on your business website or design collateral for your marketing campaigns. If yours is a thriving small enterprise, you would rather hire freelancers than pay full-time employees.

There are millions of freelancers on our platform and you must have worked with a few of them in your past projects. How many of those skilled freelancers did you hire more than once?

Repeat hiring is common when working with freelancers who have delivered top quality projects. But what factors can help you decide whether you should hire them again or not?

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This checklist could be handy if you’re planning to hire talents you’ve worked with in the past. See how many of the items below you can answer with a ‘yes’.

1. The freelancer constantly communicated

The collaboration turned out great because you had regular communication with the talent you hired. You were always receiving updates, so you knew what’s up with your project.

2. The project was done on time

There were no delays in completing the milestones and the necessary revisions. Every task was right on schedule so there was no need to follow up often.

3. The project had minimal (or no) revisions

The freelancer knew exactly what you wanted and did a terrific job in meeting your expectations.

4. Bid amount was right on budget

The proposed milestones fit your budget, and the freelancer didn’t edit the bid amount even after you laid out the final requirements.

5. The freelancer had a productive work process

It was easy moving from one task to another because your hired talent created an efficient workflow.

6. The freelancer gave insights on how to make the project better

You were impressed with the freelancer’s suggestions to make the project come out better than what you have imagined.

7. The freelancer took feedback in a positive manner

You didn’t have a hard time giving comments, particularly for revisions because the freelancer was receptive to feedback.

8. The freelancer did more than expected

Who wouldn’t want to work with someone who did far more than what’s agreed on? Those who genuinely extend their expertise without asking for more pay are the freelancers who deserve a repeat hire.

What projects have you lined up for your business this year? If there are freelancers you’re thinking of hiring again, assess them using the checklist above. Once you’ve decided, post your project here.


Posted 4 April, 2017

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