How to Effectively Work With Recruiters

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Posting a project on can be a great experience as we have so many talented and enthusiastic freelancers waiting to work on your project.


It can be overwhelming, though, when you receive a high number of freelancer bids and aren’t sure how to proceed.

This is when we would highly suggest adding the Recruiter upgrade to your project.


A Recruiter on our site is a person assigned to your project who will invite great freelancers to bid, curate your list of bids, and select the best freelancer for your project.


It will save you time and effort as our expert Recruiters are familiar with freelancers on our site, and usually know as soon as they see your project who they’d recommend to you!


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Here are some great tips on how to work with your Recruiter so that you achieve the best possible result:

1. Be responsive.

When you post your project, within seconds you will receive a message from your Recruiter introducing themselves to you. They will ask you to verify a few details like your name and contact number, and then you can get to discussing your project.


Our Recruiters are human like you, so aren’t available 24/7, therefore the sooner you respond to them and get a conversation going, the sooner they can assist you.

2. Be realistic.

When your Recruiter is discussing your project with you, be realistic with your budget and time frames. Your Recruiter can only work within your limits if they are aware what those limits are. In some cases, your Recruiter may advise you that your budget or time frame isn’t possible. They are highly experienced in helping employers find freelancers, so they have a pretty good idea about what is realistic and what isn’t. Trust them.

3. Be open to suggestions.

It might be the case that your expectations do not match the reality of hiring a freelancer, in which case your Recruiter will try to help you by offering suggestions of how you can amend your project or expectations for the best possible result. Be open to these.


Our Recruiters genuinely want to help you get your project done, so they or the freelancer might have a great suggestion to make sure that the project gets completed, even if there are a few compromises along the way.

4. Be clear.

Once your Recruiter has made a recommendation of a freelancer, have a chat with that freelancer before awarding to them and be explicitly clear about what you need. Make sure the freelancer can deliver everything. If they can, your Recruiter will help you with the next steps of awarding the project to that freelancer and setting up milestones. If they can’t, your Recruiter will find you someone else who can.

5. Be patient and understanding.

Recruiters and freelancers are human. This means, sometimes things happen that are out of our control such as holidays, weekends, and illness. By communicating regularly with your Recruiter and freelancer, it should help avoid any problems. However, if something does come up, it always helps to be patient and understanding within reason.


By following these few tips, you should maximize your success working with a Recruiter. Remember, at any point during the project you can always ask your Recruiter questions if there is anything you are confused about or dissatisfied with and they will do their best to help you.


Try our Recruiter upgrade today and see the results for yourself!

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