How to Find Inspiration for Blog Posts

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If you have a blog, you have to update it regularly. Since blogs revolve around one major subject, regular updates can prove challenging. At some point, you will run out of ideas. It is during those moments that you have to find new inspiration for blog posts. How can you do that? What sources should you use? Here are some tips.

Be inspired by SERPs

You should input your niche keywords in all major search engines and see what shows up. Click on all links on the first page of the results and see what the competition is doing. What are your competitors saying? Can you tackle the same topics differently? Can you draw from your personal experience to inspire a new angle on what the competition already has?

Be inspired by your fans

When you are at the end of your rope as far as ideas are concerned, consider drawing inspiration from your fans.

One of the things you can do is set up a poll. Inquire from your fans about the topics they want you to tackle in your blog. Have you tackled them before? Can you find a new way to tackle the topics you have already written about? Your fans may want more in-depth or personal content on issues that you have already discussed before. If that is the case, oblige them.

You should also take the time to go through the comments that your fans leave behind. Are there any recurring issues that keep on coming up in the comments? If that is the case, consider creating new blogs based purely on the comments that your fans have made previously.

You can also find inspiration through the forum on your blog site. You can come up with new topics based on the most popular topics on your forum. Those should keep you going for a while.

Be inspired by people’s experiences

Most people love interviews. If you have run out of ideas on what to write about, consider interviewing people to come up with blog content. You can even make the interviews an integral part of your blog –- a series of some sort –- something your fans can look forward to on specific days of the week.

Interviews do not have to be based on well-known successful people in your industry. You could base them on the normal everyday people who read your blog regularly. Simply set standard questions and let people share their experiences through the answers. You will be amazed at the rich blog content that you can get through interviews.

Be Inspired By People around You

Sometimes, all you need to be inspired is silence. You should pay close attention to what is going on around you especially if you are in a public place. You can also attend different events, conferences, and even family gatherings. Pay attention to what people around you are talking about during normal conversations. What are they saying? How can you relate what people are saying to the subjects that you love to discuss in your blog?

Be Inspired By Trending Topics

It never hurts to pander to the masses occasionally. You should therefore take time to investigate what is trending on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, as well as major news platforms. You can even set up Google Alerts for trending topics related to your niche.

Once you see what is trending, come up with topics that can be tied to your blog and write about them.


Always think outside the box when looking for new ideas for your blog posts. You will be amazed at what a little creativity can do for your blogging activities!


Posted 30 March, 2015


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