Turning Your Freelance Services Into a Profitable Business

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Most successful businesses flourish because of the owners’ passion. Freelancing gives one the opportunity to pursue passions and interests, and turn them into reliable income streams. Most freelancers were, at some point, ambitious, professional career people who worked nine hours a day, or even dreamed of attaining higher management positions in blue-chip companies.

If you're one such freelancer, these are dreams that can still be fulfilled if you package your services well and strive to deliver excellent services to clients. Actually, your freelance career can become a successful and profitable business venture. To realize this, you have to think big.

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Commit to Your Career

Money is what motivates most freelancers. Unfortunately, it is for this reason that there are so many fly-by-night freelancers who may only be interested in “trying out” things. No one accomplished anything by making basic attempts and giving up. If you commit and remain true to your career, you may find true growth and financial freedom. Most clients operate under very strict deadlines – ensure that you complete their orders in time without compromising on quality. With time, you will attract and retain long-term clients and enjoy referrals from the happy ones.

Attract and Retain Clients

Attracting clients is a demanding task, mainly because of the high number of experts offering similar services. You can simplify things by packaging your services and products professionally. You have to start from somewhere, so take it one step at a time. Attract one client, deliver your best, get a recommendation, and chase after the next. Cast a wide net—this is easy with freelance marketplaces such as Freelancer.com because of the high number of projects, diverse clients, and budgets. In time, you might find a long client whose monthly payout can sort out your bills.

Recruit Other Experts

You cannot grow and succeed in business if take on too many roles. You'll find it difficult to be the business owner, the CEO, its COO, the marketing manager, and even the accounts clerk all at the same time. Be ready to take the risk and bring other experts on board to help you grow your business. This shouldn't be that difficult to do because there are many freelancers looking for projects as well. As your business grows, you will attract more clients, receive more orders that have to be delivered on time, and still retain your sanity. As you recruit other experts to help you grow the business, ensure that they can identify with your values.

Don’t Shy Away from Borrowing

Borrow money to grow your business

You might have started as a freelancer whose sole online presence is the profile page. Don’t limit yourself to that because you cannot afford to upgrade. Take the risk and upgrade your membership or design a website to market your products and services. Be practical and thrifty, but don't be afraid to borrow if you need more capital, as long as it's for a good reason. It may be from family and friends or even from financial institutions. Just be careful to use the money for the right purpose.

Get an Office

If you have been operating from the living room or a working desk in the bedroom, think about finding an office space where you can work better. If your work is purely online, you don’t have to move out of your home. Instead, find a larger apartment and convert one of the rooms into an office. It will save you from the distractions associated with working from home. As your business grows, you might need to consider a commercial place.

Proper planning, commitment, and strategy will not just grow your freelancing career, but help you build a successful business. Others have done it, and so can you. 

Posted 7 July, 2015


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