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Freelancer is in the business of connecting people. Everyday, we connect thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs with millions of amazing freelance professionals.

We know that when people collaborate, productivity and creativity skyrocket. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to make it easier for people to work together. Recently, we have been working on something awesome. We thought now is a good time to share it with you.

We are happy to introduce the Video Call!

Video call promotes more effective communication between employers and freelancers. It makes collaboration easier and faster. They can agree on project details sooner to increase the speed of project completion -- a win-win for both parties. It also helps in building better working relationships because seeing the face of who you’re working with makes you trust that person even more.

All conversations start on the same place -- the chatbox. Now, employers (such as Samantha) can make video calls straight from chat to freelancers (such as Dante) who accepted their projects. Freelancers rely on chat messaging to get details and ask questions about a project. With video call, employers can discuss everything in a shorter period of time.

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Can’t wait to try it? Share your excitement in the comment section below.

Posted 10 June, 2015

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