Is It Time For Your Business To Start Using An Animated Logo?

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Your logo is, well basically, you. It is an emblem of your business, the signature of your brand, the representation of who you are as a company. That said, the questions remains: should you be using an animated logo?

Animation can certainly turn a flat and otherwise lifeless logo into something that will probably be a bit more attention-grabbing. Users who scroll on past the hapless traditional logo might otherwise stop and pay attention. The era of the animated logo is upon us! It’s time to see how it could benefit your business.

Animated Logos Can Be Great For Social Media

Think about it, when people go to Instagram or Snapchat they are generally in the mood for the visually stimulating. Videos and quirky cartoon characters usually get the most notice. If you are advertising on these platforms (which you should most definitely be—but that is for another article) then having an animated logo may certainly help capture the attention of your target user. To which would you pay more heed: the standard logo or the one that adds visual interest through some form of movement?

They Disrupt Content Overload

The average user on any given day will see anywhere from 2000-4000 product or advertising based images. Think of the whirlwind of sameness that flashes before the eye. In this whirlwind of sameness, you have the opportunity to be different using your shiny new animated logo. Motion and even sound add dimension to the otherwise ordinary, animation helps disrupt the parade of static, common images.

Uniqueness is a term that gets thrown around quite a bit. And yet it is after all, what we strive for. If your company and its consequent logo can actually claim “unique” status in a crowd of 2000+, then you’re off to a very good start!

They are Relatively Easy & Inexpensive to Produce

As more and more companies opt to employ animated logos, more and more designers are doing them. There are some incredible freelance graphic designers out there who offer these types of services at very affordable rates. Developing your animated logo does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Get creative—maybe even a little crazy and see what your mind in tandem with a graphic art designer’s talent can produce!

They Just Tell a Better Story

Your brand is in many ways a story. Beginning to end, it is who you are as a company, what your goals and objectives are, and what value you bring to this world—I know, tall order, but nevertheless true. That said, you want your logo to be a dynamic and vibrant piece to this story. It is basically at the center of it all. The connections you can make using an animated logo are more meaningful in general. Tying in more effectively with your site, with your video, with all of the moving parts, an animated logo helps make your story a page turner!

Animated Logos are Device-Friendly

Sure, a standard, single dimensional logo will read just fine on a mobile device. But in this relatively small frame, you have a tiny window to make a significant impression. Why not give users a more complex taste of your company and brand? An animated logo makes a splash, it’s something a user might stop and watch as it unfolds before them; a traditional logo is something that same user will just scroll right on past.

So you’ve opted for an animated logo, now what…

You went ahead and had this masterpiece of an animated logo created. The files are ready to go. Where exactly do you use this and how will it make the most sense and prove the most effective…

Twitter is actually a great place to let your logo loose on the digital world. Twitter is about succinct, snappy and impactful. Attention spans on this platform are notoriously short. GIFs are all the rage right now in the Twittersphere, so your new animated logo will fit right in.

How about in your video? Most firms and companies now have some form of video on their sites, on their Youtube channels and posted on their Facebook pages. Integrating your brand new logo into this video will be a stunning way to introduce it to the world.

Of course a great place for any logo, animated or otherwise, is of course on your website. Really make your site pop, make it dynamic, make it something that users will be more apt to remember. Can an animated logo actually accomplish all that--absolutely! 

Hire a Freelancer and Get that Animated Logo Your Company Needs

Not sure of how to turn your current logo from flat and forgettable to animated and awesome? is the place you want to be. With so many talented graphic designers and also brand consultants, your animated logo is destined to be one-of-a-kind.

Post your project and within seconds, the professionals will come to you!

Posted 18 February, 2017


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