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After working in the marketing industry for 40 years, Linda Shiffrin believed that it was the right time to retire. What the 63-year-old editor from Connecticut, USA developed throughout the years was the drive to not stay idle and to have a healthy work ethic. Her drive led to the birth of her startup, Shiffrin Editorial Llc, a proofreading and editing company.


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Like other businesses, Linda experienced some setbacks in the early stages of her startup. Not many clients were availing of her services. “I was surprised by the difficulty I experienced trying to build the business and attract new clients. I thought I had built an appealing website, and I had hundreds of networking contacts from my long career. I also hit the pavement and hung flyers in every college in my state and also wrote emails to every business I could find, all to no avail,” she shared.


In one of her proofreading and editing LinkedIn groups, a user posted a query asking about client acquisition. Others were experiencing the same thing she was going through. Another user shared that she worked as a freelancer and got caught up in so many projects that she had to leave freelancing to put up her own business.


The story shared by those users convinced Linda on giving a shot.


Freelancer for Business


Wanting to find more clients for her business, she signed up on the site. “I decided to give it a try. The work was slow in coming when I first started since you have to build a reputation and positive feedback. However, it didn't take long, and, before I knew it, I was getting regular work, and have retained regular clients who keep reaching out to me,” Linda explained.

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Since joining Freelancer in August 2015, Linda has completed over 100 projects and has received multiple five-star ratings from employers. She has worked on a handful of projects, like novels, scientific reports, theses, curriculum vitae and a lot more.


Her work ethic and perfectionism give her an edge over other freelancers. Ensuring that her customers are satisfied with the finished product is her utmost priority. The quality of communication she shares with her clients is also something she prides herself in. She regularly checks her Freelancer account for chat queries and customer concerns. Employers love freelancers who are easy to talk to. It makes work so much easier on both ends.  


“Freelancer connects me with numerous opportunities for the kind of work I want to do. I love the diversity of the work and the clients, and am able to find work from countries around the world from the comfort of my own home,” she added.


The supplemental income she receives from freelancing has allowed her to chase her passions. “I love to read, I have a passion for fitness and working out seven days a week, I love to travel (which retirement has allowed me to do more frequently) and I enjoy golf and dining out. I just returned from a 10-day trip to Italy, a vacation that was high on my bucket list. It didn't disappoint! Ireland is next on the agenda,” Linda shared.


Linda has extended her expertise to a friend in need of a temporary job. “I have friend who was laid off in the spring this year and hasn't been able to find another job. I recommended that she sign up on Freelancer to try to get some extra work and income until she finds something permanent and full-time. I'm actually going to assist her in getting started,” she shared.


Her Secret


For freelancers to succeed, Linda suggests to do the following, “I would read the tips on the site and be sure to do everything you can to please your clients: be courteous, helpful and accommodating. Finish your work on time. Be good to yourself, though, and be sure you protect your finances and reputation at the same time.”


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As a business owner, Freelancer proved to be an invaluable tool in getting clients. “Freelancer is a great way to kick start your new business. It gives you the confidence that you can actually attract clients while affording you the supplementary income you need. I find it satisfying that, within only a year after incorporation, I'm kept as busy as I would like and still enjoy it! Very happy I found Freelancer!” Linda mentioned.


Sign up at and start meeting more clients for your freelance business.

Posted 24 November, 2016

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