Malcolm Wheeler worked in various IT jobs for the first 20 years of his career. The 49-year-old United Kingdom local started as a programmer and worked his way up to a managerial position. Despite the great career he had, he felt like work was becoming monotonous and that he was no longer challenged.

That's why Malcolm made a drastic lifestyle change. He quit his job and took the next flight to Thailand to spend time reflecting on what he wanted to do moving forward.

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A Fresh Start

While on a year-long hiatus, he met a freelance web developer whom he became well-acquainted with. His colleague discussed a project that involved an IT service provider and how the project needed a content developer. Since IT had always been his bread-and-butter, he took the challenge.

That’s how Malcolm was introduced to the world of freelancing. He did not limit himself to just one company, instead, he focused on assisting multiple businesses with their content development.

“I've been working as a full-time freelancer in content creation and marketing for nearly 14 years now,” shared Malcolm.

Malcolm completed around a thousand jobs and earned over a million US dollars in a different freelancing platform. However, he left due to the unsatisfactory changes the platform made.

Trying a New Platform

In 2015, Malcolm shifted his attention to Freelancer, which he always knew of and was eager to try out.

Malcolm has widened his clientele all throughout his career, but working on Freelancer offered something new -- agile, responsive repeat clients. They keep in touch with Malcolm and ask for advice on how to further enhance their business ideas.

Another thing that Malcolm found exceptional was Freelancer’s Milestone Payment™ system. He was more confident than ever since he had a very clear picture of what his goals were and that payments for his projects were secure.

In his two-year stint on Freelancer, he has had the privilege of working with thriving startups and several prominent politicians from the United Kingdom.

“I always like working with startups. I'm a lot older than most freelancers, and I have had a long career in various business roles. So my depth of experience and knowledge go a long way,” shared Malcolm.

Malcolm recalls working with UK startup Lagoon, a modernized dry cleaning and clothing alteration business. He created most of Lagoon’s website content, from their sign-up forms to their ‘about us’ section. Sharing his expertise with the startup led to a more successful launch and now the business is well on its way to growing further.

Employer Satisfaction

Completing projects and getting commended for a job well done are the only validations Malcolm needs. He claims that success is only achieved when clients are satisfied with the product or service they pay for.

Malcolm believes that there are three essential factors that can greatly satisfy an employer -- honesty, effective communication, and affordable prices.

Whenever Malcolm works on a project, he makes sure that he is honest from start to finish and that he's charging within the client’s budget. Next, he keeps his communication lines open, so both he and his clients are updated on any project developments.

All his efforts in keeping his clients satisfied have paid off significantly. Projects have been coming in nonstop and work has kept him busy. Having a variety of projects keeps Malcolm challenged, and despite the heavy workload, he still makes time for recreational activities.

Work and Wander

When his deadlines are flexible, Malcolm likes fishing and playing video games. He also uses his Freelancer earnings to travel around Asia on his Honda Steed Chopper. In a couple of weeks, he’ll be heading to Cambodia and Malaysia. He’ll then return to U.K. for the summer.

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“It’s really nice when you can combine work with something you enjoy doing. And being a freelancer means I have the luxury of shifting my work hours as I see fit. So if I want to take a day off and go fishing, or spend a few hours trying a new video game, it's no real problem,” said Malcolm.

There has never been a tedious moment in Malcolm’s life since he chose the freelancer lifestyle. He feels invigorated knowing that he’s got an avenue where he can continue growing and learning new skills.

Malcolm brings his laptop during his adventures so he can keep working on his projects since he can work anywhere and everywhere he wants.

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Posted 16 February, 2017

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