Monday: Kicking Business Goals

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What is it about Mondays that makes the day seem fast, a “kicking goals” day, a day of decisions, deadlines and determination?

Well, if that is not your Monday, it was certainly mine today!

The rain was trickling, then noticeably heavier. A steady rainfall, cool and slightly what I’d call “chilly”. That didn’t stop us powering through our Monday workload.

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I have a work in progress (WIP) document that I work through daily. It’s split up into sections headed jobs in progress, waiting, follow-up (= working in the business), and then internal work which is then split up into sections for our two businesses (= working on the business). Each day I update this WIP document to ensure that I’m on track with deadlines, following up enquiries and generating new leads. As well as this, I find it really useful to always have in front of me the items listed under internal work forcing me to read them daily. So even if I don’t get a chance to action everything, I have a constant reminder of where I am headed and what my goals are, day by day, week by week, month by month, etc.

I will come back to what I have listed under internal work shortly, but there’s just one more thing on my WIP document that I also have written down. That is my monthly sales target, in dollars+GST. This allows me to check week by week that I’m meeting my sales target, and reminds me to make time to sell.

All businesses have highs and lows, and I am learning how essential it is that I do not get bogged down by the sales I am not making, losing sight of the sales that can and will come when I stay focused on my monthly target.

I think it’s essential to have a dollar amount for sales targets in front of you at all times when running a business. I do not believe this is a sign of greed, but rather a realistic reminder to work hard, and diligently, towards a goal.

Now back to that internal work section. Under this rather broad heading, I have probably the most important “for my business growth and success” items listed. Here is where I list markets I want to break into, ideas that I am mentally processing but are not yet formed entirely, social media actions, online marketing enhancements, technology innovations, future marketing plans, etc.

And along side this vital WIP document sits my 6 and 12 month marketing actions timetable.

It is so crucial for me to follow a step by step, action-oriented, deadline-driven WIP document every day, to achieve my sales targets. Working inch by inch, item by item, list by list, I tick as I go completing tasks, making decisions, acting instead of reacting, and working towards helping businesses grow, making better brands, and building business success… but that’s for another time.

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Posted 7 February, 2017

Agatha GMaiti

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