Most Memorable Times When Animal Memes Rocked the Marketing Industry

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The laws of marketing dictate adaptability as the most important characteristic. If you want to promote your brand, you have to use things like social data to get a better understanding of your customers and their thought process.

Suffice to say, you need to have a mobile-friendly website even to be considered a worthy service provider by your customers. However, to really differentiate yourself, you have to use all the modern tools at your disposal.

To bring attractiveness to both the brand and the product, you have to be creative and daring. Memes, as a concept and as a phenomenon epitomize just that. In this article, we will analyze some of the most effective ways you can use animal memes to your brand’s advantage. If you pull this off, you will be far ahead of the pack due to your daring thinking.


Why Use Animal Memes?

It’s a peculiar question, but it makes sense when you think about it,” tells us Gregory Cook, a marketing expert who is currently writing a custom research paper in meme usage throughout the marketing industry. “With memes in general, it’s risky because people just won’t get them and they’ll think your brand is either devoid of humor of that you’re too weird. Now, animal memes bring everyone together. Kids love them, parents love them and everyone generally views animals as a beacon of positivity, if you will. Still, you have to pick the right place and time to drop the dankest cat memes or whatever your goal is.”

According to Gregory’s analysis, cats bring a factor of relatability to your brand. Simply catching onto a trend sends a message that you’re active and that you want to try something new. Therefore, it’s safe to say that animal memes are beneficial for your brand.

  • Cuteness. Cats and dogs are the subjects of our love and affection and whenever we see them, we tend to get into our feelings. Why do you think there are so many cat and dog videos on Instagram? Just look at Animals Doing Things, an Instagram page with 3+ million followers. People need positivity and something to get their minds off of daily worries. Fuse this positivity with your brand ethics and you have something.

  • The willingness to adapt. If your target audience is mostly young people, you should definitely use animal memes. They also follow memes and when they see that you’re knowledgeable about the things they deem important, they will relate to you even more than before. Also, millennials in general prefer brands who are willing to adapt. Memes are still a niche facet of marketing, so you will be seen as a frontrunner of sorts.

  • Diversity. If you’re constantly posting images of your products, case studies and blog posts, people are bound to get bored. You need to switch it up if you want your brand to stay relevant. Memes aren’t used by a lot of marketers not because they aren’t aware of their existence. It’s every marketer’s job to be aware of trends. They refuse to use memes because they’re scared that they might backfire.

With all this being said, how can we pinpoint the exact method of the effectiveness of memes in the marketing industry? The answer is simpler than you think and we’ll expand on it in the following section.


How Do Animal Memes Rock the Marketing Industry?

You can’t just start posting memes whenever you want because there wouldn’t be a clear point. Just as one of the articles at informs, “consumers love content with a purpose - content that motivates them to think and to come to a conclusion”.

You have to serve your content with a clear goal in mind because everyone has a rush of dopamine when they understand something. This is the power of relatability - that precise moment when your followers on social media think “Hey I know this meme! It’s so cool that they’re using it too!”.

Animal memes can’t be your primary source of marketing - they merely expand your presence. Let’s take Uber for example. Their services have already become widespread in society, so memes like this were born:

Most Memorable Times When Animal Memes Rocked the Marketing Industry - Image 1

The key thing to understand when looking at this meme is that it’s user-generated. UGC is one of the most underrated, yet most powerful marketing tools in existence. Do you see what happened here? It has a lot to do with the influence process.


Using User-generated Memes to Rock the Marketing Industry

The influence process consists of three crucial steps:

  • You see an opportunity and take action. With analytics and other preparatory aids, you can practically predict what the general consensus will be.

  • When the action is taken, you analyze.

  • When the action is seen, people talk about it.

Some of my friends work for best essays service where they write dissertation on the marketing industry insights. They say that in Uber’s case, company cleverly lets people “meme” with animal memes because it gives them opportunities for organic marketing. Memes rock the marketing industry not as forced content or as pillars of a campaign. Instead, they have the purpose of supplementing existing content and creating a feeling of reliability.

 Most Memorable Times When Animal Memes Rocked the Marketing Industry - Image 2

See where we’re going? The usual “ritual” of having drunk rides at the back of an Uber sparked customers to express themselves. Not only is the dog cute, but this animal meme is also highly relatable to anyone who ever had an awkward situation in an Uber. They get free marketing and users get an opportunity to have their comment be the most-liked. It’s recognition for everyone!

Most Memorable Times When Animal Memes Rocked the Marketing Industry - Image 3

Cute animal? Check. Is Uber mentioned verbatim? Check. They didn’t even have to move a finger nor suppress memes because they just went with the flow. That’s the whole crux of using animal memes to rock the marketing sphere. You have to ride the wave and make the most out of it.

But what if your brand isn’t as well-known as Uber is? You can’t expect people to meme you if there isn’t a bad or overly positive consensus around your brand. That doesn’t mean you can’t use memes. Instead, you have to use them personally, but as a supplementary marketing aid.


Supplementary Use of Animal Memes

We repeat - memes can never be the centerpiece of a marketing campaign. They can achieve their full potential only if they’re used to instill relatability with customers. With supplemental animal memes, you have to follow two key rules:

1. Bend them to your will. Don’t make the content memeable or customize your content according to the meme. If it fits - awesome. If not - don’t let them govern your marketing campaign.

2. Make “boring” content interesting. Statistical data and case studies instill trust and serve as proof that your business is successful. You can use animal memes to make the whole thing more interesting.

Most Memorable Times When Animal Memes Rocked the Marketing Industry - Image 4

Imagine you’re talking with a friend after seeing this picture. If you mention it as “that infographic with the tallest buildings,” they won’t remember it. However, if you say something like “Remember that cool infographic with the tall cat?”, they will instantly smile and recall it.

Why is this loooong cat so integral to this infographic? It’s because it serves as a memory marker. It’s the most memorable and most noticeable thing, which everyone will use as a market to remember everything else.


Add Animal Memes Where They’re Least Expected

Animal memes have great potential when they’re inserted when you least expect them. They can also contribute to putting an emphasis on key points in your blog posts or other content. For example, you can contact services like Assignmentholic UK, Paper Writing Pro Service or Assignmentmasters and order a blog with the title “7 Ways to Increase Your ROI in One Month” and then add this:

Most Memorable Times When Animal Memes Rocked the Marketing Industry - Image 5

Nobody is expecting a marketing-based article with an animal meme included, right? Certainly. By just using one animal meme, you won’t be over the top, but you’ll still draw your reader’s interest. The same can be done for brands, products, videos and just about everything else.

Be moderate, know when to use them, when to outsource them and the world will be yours. View animal memes as just a small detail when it comes to your overall strategy.



Effectiveness is the main advantage of memes. You’re giving your followers a taste of the latest and most-relatable trends. They will feel closer to you and will be more likely to trust a brand that cares about what they like.

Additionally, they’re very easy to outsource if you don’t have the inspiration to make them on your own. Remember to always credit the author or, if you’re up for it, to collaborate with meme makers so that you can always have content that is fresh and “dank” (as they see in the meme cosmos).

Posted 15 April, 2019


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