Essential Devices for the Mobile Worker

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As a freelancer, a home office is very essential for productivity. You set up all your gadgets and equipment within easy reach so that you can easily work and make your day productive.

Your gadgets and equipment are indispensable for you. Now, if you go venture outside, do you still drag your work along? If yes, then you know that there are also gadgets which you need to bring, in order for you to work while on the road.

What are some of the devices that you cannot work without?

  • Laptop – of course, this is a given. However, gone are the days when you lug a heavy pack just to bring that 3-kilo mount, with all the accessories, along. Nowadays, you can invest on a good workhorse without the hassle of accruements. A 2-in1 tablet/laptop can give you around 5-8 hours of continuous monitoring if that is your job, or better yet, get those specialized laptops which bring heavy power in terms of their 16-20 hours of mobile work and internals that give decent desktops a run for their money.
  • Noise canceling headphones – The latest one with good decibels just won’t cut it. If you are easily distracted by every tick and tock around you, then you need to get a good pair of noise canceling headphones. Popping this onto your ears, you can concentrate more on your work as it will feel that you’re the only one around. Just make sure that if you put on music, don’t belt out the song.
  • Mobile scanner -- Especially useful if you are always on the road and would need your hard data in digital format, portable scanners convert your hard copies into digital ones. Aside from scanning documents, these portable scanners have almost the same features as the office ones; they can crop and enhance documents.
  • Juice packs – Not those in tetra. Juice packs keep your phones and gadgets from dying. Most remote staffers, aside from carrying chargers with universal adapters, always keep a juice pack handy. This extends their gadgets life significantly, be it a phone or a tablet, without always looking for an adapter terminal and plugging in.
  • Chargers with universal adapters – Sometimes, a juice pack is not enough as a back-up power for your gadgets. Carrying a charger with a universal adapter will make sure that your gadgets will always have power wherever you go.
  • Solar chargers – Especially useful if you’re always outdoors, solar chargers work the same way towards prolonging your gadgets’ battery life, using the sun’s energy.
  • USB Hub – Most of the time, those USB ports on your laptop just won’t cut it. You need the ports for your external HDDs, a mouse, even a desktop-style keyboard. A USB hub gives you quite a number of USB ports, so that you always have the right number of ports for a full working environment.
  • Wireless travel mouse – Most staffers want a desktop-like feel even when they are working outside. Sometimes, it can be a bother to use those track pads on a laptop, and touch screen displays just won’t cut it. Travel mice do the job, they’re very handy, and best of all, are already wireless-operated, so you won’t be bothered by the reach (or lack of) with a USB-optical one.

Posted 10 March, 2015


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