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Spreading happiness around the globe is the aim of Rebecca Sanders and Sarah Kidd. They are two Australian professionals whose positive ideas gave rise to two completely different websites that share one goal: to make people laugh, smile, and exude positivity wherever they go.

Rebecca's www.feedinghappy.com offers a tasting platter of ideas to change the mindset and bring more happiness to one's life. Sarah's www.happynotes.com.au provides users with the opportunity to send and receive “happy notes” with friends to inspire, have a laugh, thank, compliment or make someone’s day.

Rebecca and Sarah share the positive vibes with Freelancer.com in this interview.

How did your pursuit of happiness started?

Rebecca:  Our small team wants to have a positive impact on communities around the world. Not many people have discovered the benefits of simple positive messages and ideas so we thought of serving ideas each week. This bite-sized food for the mind and soul will generate a positive mind shift, and hopefully make a difference on how people see the world.


Sarah: Do you remember those notes or letters you used to receive and would keep in a box and store in a safe place? You would pull this box out and smile when you read the note from a good friend saying “3 words to describe you – gracious, fun (heaps of!), incredible” or the one from your brother, “Thank you for hosting drinks tonight; you are a very thoughtful person and always know how to cheer me up”.  I wanted to recreate this, but through an online experience. Users can sign up and have their own online “Happy Notes Box” and start sending and receiving Happy Notes. The website provides Happy Notes Ideas to get you started or you can type your own message. There is a running tally on the website for the number of Happy Notes Sent.  Our wish is to have 1 million Happy Notes to be sent in a year. We invite you to join the Happy Notes movement and make someone’s day.


These happy thoughts and notes will come from?

Rebecca: Feeding Happy ideas will be sourced from hundreds of modern day philosophers, psychologists, wellness coaches, creative minds, Buddhist teachers, doctors, and any other wise and happy souls we can find! A diverse group of tasters work behind the scenes to find the best new ideas or bring forward the tried and true.

Sarah: Happy Notes will come from you and your friends. Users can log into the site and send notes to anyone simply by inputting the recipient's email address. The recipient will then get an email notification entitled: "You have been sent a Happy Note from [Friend’s Name]”. The content of the email will include the Happy Note and also provide the recipient with the opportunity to sign up and send a return Happy Note as well as more Happy Notes to other friends

So users will have to sign up to get on-board the journey to happiness. Can you walk us through the process?

Rebecca: Users can subscribe to our weekly ideas through their email inbox or Facebook newsfeed. Once they've entered their details, which by the way, won't be shared with anyone, they'll receive ideas in the form of an inspiring video, a mood shifting article, a motivational quote, or a thought provoking image.

Sarah: The site will be free for all users and they can sign up via Facebook or email. Once logged in, they can send unlimited messages to their friends and loved ones. There will be a running scroll of featured Happy Notes on the homepage of the website and users will be able to nominate if they want their Happy Notes to be displayed or kept private. Users can also send Happy Notes anonymously should they so wish.

Both websites were done through Freelancer.com. How was the experience?

Rebecca: I have used similar websites in the past but found that Freelancer.com had better options and a more user-friendly system to manage the project. The Milestone Payment was also really great to show my freelancer that I was serious about the project, without the risk of sending money before work had been completed.

Sarah: I saw Freelancer.com as a big player in the marketplace; it has a good reputation and active participants. I especially found the bidding process useful because it gave me an idea of what price range my project should sit in. Profiles and ratings of freelancers were also helpful because I could review their credentials and work history. It was great to see feedback from other employers because it shows if they're professional, trustworthy, and capable.

What is it like working with your freelancers?

Rebecca: My freelancer, fortranPRO, understood what we were looking for. He asked all the right questions and made an effort to understand exactly what would be involved before he gave a quote. This made us feel confident that we wouldn't have issues along the way if our expectations didn't line up. He was very professional and extremely competent.

Sarah: I awarded my project to AkilKhatri because of the feedback left by clients and also because he was positive about my idea and liked the concept – this was important to me; I needed someone to be as enthusiastic about it as I was. Akil kept in contact regularly and was a pleasure to work with.  Akil formed the basic foundation of the website and I then engaged a graphic designer and web developer to further develop the website design and functionality.


Posted 5 October, 2015

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