The Importance of Branding for Freelancers

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Branding your freelance business

As a freelancer, why should you consider yourself a brand, much like a business does? Well, because freelancers are inherently entrepreneurial — you sell your skills and talent and make a living out of them. The best part is, you are your own boss.

The Importance of Branding Your Freelance Business

So what’s in a brand? The concept encompasses a lot of aspects such as a business’ logo, design, and tone of voice. All of which are distinct characteristics that make a business unique. As a freelancer, you can fine-tune these areas so you can build your brand and make yourself stand out from millions of freelancers around the world.

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This is the first thing employers see upon visiting your profile and you want to look your best. If you think you’ve nailed down a good profile image, here are some more tips just to make sure.

Casual Vibe Profile Photo

You don’t really need a photo taken in a studio or professionally, but just make sure that composition is on point. Check out these photography apps and see how you can improve your profile image.

Tone of voice

How you talk and/or write can make you sound human than virtual or robotic. You can be witty and funny or sharp and straightforward. Either way, you offer a candid version of yourself in the content you post. Whatever traits you show reflect your personality and your work ethic. The tone of voice must be consistent in your:

  • Website

  • Blog

  • Social Media Profiles

  • Freelancer Profile


Some freelancers use a logo to establish themselves as a brand (they prefer being recognized as a brand name or a small business rather than a side hustler going solo). Your logo design and placement should be consistent in your website, blog, profiles, and emails. If you’re going for a more creative approach, you can opt to have an animated logo to capture your audience’s attention or for moment marketing.

Google Logo Holi Festival

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Email signature

Your email signature is a way to make an impact and a lasting impression in both casual conversations and formal communications. Basically, you have your name, job title, business name, and links to your accounts in a typical email signature. Avoid the plain and boring and opt for something stylized and engaging.

Email Signature

Here are some email signature styles to inspire yours. And, don’t stop at just your digital signature. You can use your signature in various print material such as your stationery, brochure, resume, and portfolio.

Photo posts/Vlogs

Love Instagram? Put your photography and editing skills to good use with high-quality photos and vlogs. Photo and video editing apps can help you keep a consistent look across all your media. Remember to fine-tune these aspects:

  • Brightness

  • Contrast

  • Shadows and Highlights

  • Temperature

  • Color palette

Sydney Opera House Color Palette

Branding doesn’t have to be all about work. What do you do for fun besides freelancing? Instagram and other social media platforms are a great way to share your passion and lifestyle.

Whether you’re living the side hustle life or a full-time freelance business owner, branding makes for an excellent way to be your unique self and be extraordinary at the same time. Get started on branding your freelance business now!


Posted 27 March, 2017

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