Best Motion Graphics Trends in Design for 2017

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The more alive and dynamic you can make your online presence, the better. In a sea of so much the same, you need to differentiate, you need to standout and make that proverbial splash. With more and more designers implementing animation in websites and social media pages, businesses are increasingly on the move (both literally and conceptually).

The key to integrating motion graphics into your branding scheme or company website, is to have a sense of what works, what’s hot and what is most effective when it comes to grabbing your users’ attention. So what exactly is trending now in the wonderful world of animation and motion graphics. Keep reading to find out…


Everything Old is New Again

And this also goes for motion graphics. That “retro” look and feel is making a strong comeback. The nostalgia of the Gen Xers combined with the piqued curiosity of the Millennial set, have made retro graphics a hot commodity right now. And yet, the retro look has been given a bit of a facelift, as most designers imbue it with a decidedly modern edge. Replete with icons, images and even sounds of the past mingled with modern day relevance, retro animated graphics can make a significant impact if used intelligently.


Get Your Logos Moving

One of the more recent trends to gain in popularity: the animated logo. A static, 2D logo is certainly fine, but why not kick it up a notch. Do something different. Be bold. Remember, odds are there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other firms out there just like yours all clamoring to gain the greatest market share and most eminent web presence. You simply have no choice but to be daring sometimes. And with an animated logo designed to impress and captivate, you help your company jump off of the screen and plant itself firmly in your audience’s collective mind.


Make Your Text Standout

Even words are moving! Typography in terms of your video or site, can be hugely powerful. Especially when animated, words certainly have the capacity to influence and transform thought. Consider playing with the way that word images are formed, with how the typography comes into and/or out of the screen. Think outside the box and strive to make an impression with each and every facet of your motion graphic.


Animated Documentaries

People want to be entertained. Even when searching for information, they want to be amused in some form. Animated documentaries are a great way to tell a story, capture the attention and convey useful information. A compelling narrative and some visually stimulating motion graphics and you have the makings of a highly effective piece.


Say it with GIFs

Short, to the point and often with a touch of quirkiness, GIFs are especially suited to social media platforms in which users are generally scrolling for quick bites and short but electrifying videos. A humorous animated picture tied with a clever bit of advertising and you have a super simple, inexpensive and fast way to reach audiences with your newly animated message.  


Expert Illustrations

Hand drawing never goes out of style. Attention to detail and an endless imagination are required in utilizing illustrations as part of your motion graphic strategy.  With each frame drawn, the experience unfolds before the user poetically, almost magically.  An amazing way to tell a story, embody a message or create a feeling of inclusiveness, hand drawn illustrations are definitely worthwhile; however they’re generally more labor intensive and thus a bit more expensive.  


The More Liquid The Better

What is Liquid Motion, simply put the fluid transition between images and scenes. Images are pulled apart and/or splashed together. With a decidedly psychedelic feel, liquid motion gives us a very modern take on motion graphics with a sixties sort of underlying vibe. Around now for quite awhile now, liquid motion is definitely starting to become hot again. And if used correctly, it can really make your motion graphic standout.


High Contrast Animation

Bright, bold colors always play well when it comes to motion graphics. Designers, along these lines, are also apt to include a lot of contrasting images and hues. Making a product stand out visually from its backdrop, setting off typography, even spotlighting a logo through means of hyper contrast only stands to get a user’s attention and help create a defining moment within the motion graphic or animation.


Utilizing animation in the right way is crucial if you want to make a significant impact. With the latest trends and developments in the world of motion graphics, the sky really is the limit as far as what your business can create and subsequently display. Need some help creating that animated documentary or vibrant GIF…There are a ton of freelance graphic designers, logo designers and website developers available right here to help you get your motion graphic project underway. Affordable and responsive, their talent combined with your imagination just might make for the next animated masterpiece.

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Posted 23 February, 2017


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