The Preferred Freelancer Award Process

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Since the official launch of the Preferred Freelancer Program, we have fine-tuned our process to help you win more projects. We need your help to implement this process. As we fine-tune the process to improve your Award Rate, we will continue to communicate these best practices.

Take a look at the process below. It would be great if you could familiarise yourself with our guidelines and expectations:

  1. Bid Immediately: When you get invited to bid on an Assisted Project by one of our Account Managers, we need you to bid immediately.

    • If you don’t have the skills or the time to do the project, please let them know so they don’t waste time. Keep in mind that we expect you to bid on >50% projects that you are invited to.

    • When you have placed a bid, our Account Managers will proceed to recommend you to their client. We aim to get projects awarded quickly - this is why we need you to act fast.

  2. Seal the Deal: When the Employer Awards the project to you, open a discussion straight away. Once the project scope has been made clear, Accept the project to close the deal. Our aim is to do this within 1 hour. You have 12 hours before bidding gets disabled, so please don’t reject the project for this reason.

    • Once you have Accepted the project, continue the discussion with the employer and maintain an open line of communication.

  3. Setup Milestones: Once you have accepted the project, start a chat with the employer and setup Milestone Payments. At this stage, our Account Manager will have already explained how the Milestone Payment System works to the employer.

If you follow this process, you will do very well as a Preferred Freelancer. We will let you know if we update this process. All updates will be posted here.

Posted 2 October, 2014


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