Want to Be a Successful Entrepreneur? Then You Should Probably Read These 4 Books.

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If there is one lesson that is important to take as an entrepreneur, it is that you cannot succeed alone. Entrepreneurs build on the experience of one another, and learn from each other. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to realize that you cannot do it entirely on your own. You need to imitate certain traits, characteristics, and ideas that other people had before you.

This article will point you to 4 of the most important books you can start reading today. Make sure to keep a pen and paper handy as you read, so you can note down the most important ideas that get shared within. Happy reading.

Thick Face, Black Heart - The Warrior Philosophy for conquering the challenges of business and life - Chin-Ning Chu

This is a self-help book that shows you how to become stronger, and deal with challenges in the face of adversity. The book talks about becoming stronger by having a thick face and a black heart. A person with a thick face gets characterized as someone who can take a lot of criticism, challenges, and fears. As soon as you start talking to people about your dreams and your goals of becoming an entrepreneur, you will inevitably have to listen to other people putting you down, giving you criticism, and so on. A lot of people end up losing confidence in themselves, and quit because of this challenge. The idea is that if you build a thick face, then you won’t be affected by other people’s negativity. The concept of the black heart is the ability to be comfortable being uncomfortable. In your quest towards an entrepreneurial lifestyle, you will have to go through challenges that will make you feel uncomfortable, often for long periods of time. Having a black heart gives you the ability to persist towards that goal with great conviction, knowing that whatever life throws at you, you will continue to be the calm warrior that fights to win the battle, never slows down, and never gives up. Pick up this book for an amazing boost of motivation that will continue to push you forward.

The 4-Hour Work Week - Tim Ferriss

This book by Tim Ferriss has become one of the most popular entrepreneurship and self-help books on the market today. Essentially, Tim Ferriss talks about how you can design your lifestyle so you don’t need to work in a dead-end corporate job, but will have the opportunity to work online from anywhere in the world. According to Ferriss, this can be done by creating a product and finding someone to sell it to. One of the important things he talks about is that you shouldn’t try to create a nonsensical product which there is no demand for, and then attempt to create demand for that product. That is a huge mistake that many people often commit - instead focus on what people already demand, and try to fill in that gap with your ideas. The book also talks about how to maximize your efficiency, particularly through outsourcing. There is no reason to spend all day mowing your front lawn if you can pay someone 20 dollars to come over and do it. By doing it yourself, you haven’t saved 20 dollars, as much as you have proved that your whole day is only worth 20 dollars.


Elon Musk Biography

Reading self-help books about business and entrepreneurship can be a huge asset in developing the mindset that you need to make your dreams a reality. Occasionally, you will need to pick up a biography of someone who is already successful, to understand how you implement these strategies, and follow their examples. And what could be a better place to start than the biography of the most innovative and successful entrepreneur of our times? In this book written by Ashlee Vance, we get to experience Elon Musk from his childhood in South Africa, his college time in Canada, and eventually all of his various business ventures so far like PayPalTesla, and SpaceX. This book gives us great insight into what made Elon Musk the entrepreneur he is today, what mistakes he made, and what character traits he has, which contributed to making him so successful. This includes his vision: he saw opportunities in things that no one else did and persisted with these ideas until they became successful. The book also showcases some of Elon Musk’s personal disasters, like when he was going through a divorce, and his companies SpaceX and Tesla were on the verge of bankruptcy. We get to see how this man was able to make rational decisions throughout this time of intense personal pressure and stress. This book is an absolute must-read, to begin learning about the traits and characteristics of what makes great entrepreneurs truly great.

Steve Jobs Biography

Another great biography of another great man - thesis a must-read for any entrepreneur out there. Like the previous biography, this one takes us through the childhood and career of the main character, up until his death in 2011. Steve Jobs created some of the greatest products in technology. The book talks about how he didn’t have many of the skills for technological development as far as coding and so forth, but still had monumental success with the products he created. This is because he was highly passionate about it, and he understood how to outsource the parts he did not understand himself. This leads us to one of the first lessons that this book is trying to convey: you must be passionate about your work. If you haven’t found your passion yet, keep looking and don’t settle. When it comes to your life as an entrepreneur, do not venture into something you are not sure you like. According to Steve Jobs, you will lose faith in yourself, and your project will fail. The book also talks about how you are the master of your existence. You can poke life, and change whatever details you don’t like so that it suits you better. Steve Jobs was all about doing that, and we see that when it comes to his products too: change it, improve it, and leave your mark. That was the philosophy of Steve Jobs, and that is what led him to greatness in his life. Pick up this book if you would like to try and learn from the principles of this great entrepreneur.

Have any more books to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

Posted 6 August, 2017


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