Want to Know the Top Hashtags and Keywords to Use This July? Look No Further!

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Basics of Hashtags

Learning how to hashtag correctly has become quite literally a hashtag science. Anyone can hashtag, but they do require some thought and finesse at the same time if they are going to have any effect. Their purpose is to add value to a message, and in business, to add value to an ad campaign. If used poorly, they can distract from the message and leave a bad impression, but when used properly, can increase audiences, sales, engagement, and context.

With the 4th of July and the summer season upon us business owners, crafters, social media gurus, Pinteresters, marketers, and consumers are going to want to find the most effective way to utilize seasonal hashtags and keywords to increase their grasp, and strike upon related conversations as they occur on Twitter. To aid in your endeavors of creating impressionable and influential Tweets, we have assembled popular keywords and hashtags to help your business have a #happyJuly.


Obviously, certain hashtags like #4thOfJuly shall be unavoidable. Tweeters might begin a trend that catches on instantly. People are quirky; one can never tell what is going to catch on like wildfire. Moreover, who knew "Where's the Beef" would be such a phenomenal sensation?

When you notice these trending hashtags start popping up and being used vigorously, its time to find a way to attach your brand to them and address the appropriate audience as well. 

These trendy hashtags should be inspirational. Always pay attention to the trends section of social media section, especially Twitter. Notice what is being discussed; how does your product fit into the conversation? The creative marketer can work the merchandise into any hashtag situation.

Even more so, when you see a trend that can apply to your product jump on it. Write a blurb about your product and how it relates to the trending hashtag. Some popular ones you can expect to see already are: #summervacation#heatwave#bathingsuits, #weddingseason,#losingweight#schoolsout#summerpicnics,  #SummerVibes#fireworks#SummerFridays#bbqtime#SummerCamp, #SummerRecipes, #SummerCrafts, #SummerFun, #SummerReading,  #Cooldown,  #KidsCrafts, #JulySummerFun, #IndependenceDay

FYI: Professionals encourage you not to use more than a few hashtags at a time. Don't bombard your audience with 10+ hashtags. Get your point across with one or two.


Having the knowledge of what keywords the public will be using this summer will assist you when you are coming up with tweet topics and other relevant content.

The website https://www.hopperhq.com has a calendar available for trending events for the month of July. This is a perfect way for your business to stay ahead of the game, set the mood for the trend and advertise to your audience based on what is trending. For example, some key dates in July according to the Hopper are:

  • July 5: National Bikini Day. This holiday is celebrating the 13th anniversary of the bikini, and not surprisingly, is very popular on social media. #BikiniGirl, #BikiniLife #NationalBikiniDay, #BikiniLove, #Bikiniday (18,832 posts)
  • July 7: World Chocolate Day. Put the bikini away, and pull out the chocolate bar. It does not matter what your favorite chocolate is, share it! #ChocolateDay, #ChocolateTime #nationalchocolateday (43,909 posts)
  • July 11: National Mojito Day. Looking for a way to cool off this summer? What better way than with a delicious, cold Mojito or three! #MojitoParty,  #MojitoLove,  #MojitoTime  #nationalmojitoday (2,008 posts)
  • July 13: National French Fry Day. Even the most devoted dieter or carb counter cannot resist the crisp, salty deliciousness of french fries. Whether you like them with ketchup, vinegar or even mayonnaise, go ahead and splurge a little. You have ONE day and then 366 days to make up for it. It is the one day of the whole year when you can bite into the salty goodness. My kids like to dip them in milkshakes! #Friesguys, #Friesordie, #Fries4life, #NationalFrenchFryDay (16,270 posts)
  • July 16: National Ice Cream Day. So obviously after bikini day is over, the rest of July is all about eating. Hopefully, August is about exercise. However, if you love ice cream, you will be happy that on the 3rd Sunday of July. #IceCreamTime, #ScreamforIceCream, #IceCreamLove, #NationalIceCreamDay (144,424 posts)
  • July 21: National No Makeup Day. Alternatively, as I will be calling it, I'm Not Leaving The House Day. They would like us to tackle our insecurities and wear no makeup on this day. When my insecurities come with no bags and dark circles, I am all in. No jokes women, let your natural beauty shine through! #NomakeupWhat, #AllNatural, #Nationalnomakeupday (13,6716 posts)
  • July 30: National Cheesecake Day. What a way to end off the month, with the decadence of cheesecake, just enough to tighten that belt loop. It is the creamiest day of the year and the last day before you have to start your summer diet, so you might as well indulge, indulge, indulge! #CheesecakeforLife, #ILOVECHEESECAKE, #NationalcheesecakeDay

These are just a few examples that have been listed so you can plan your product content around the themes on these particular days and the others through the month. Through July and the rest of the summer, everyone will be tweeting about summer break, vacations, food, fashion, recipes, going to the beach, traveling, camping, and weddings.

If you wish to extend your influence to a broader audience, opt for highlighting your most popular tweets in a Twitter Ads campaign with Keyword Targeting.  When you target the words or hashtags that audiences have freshly tweeted,  Twitter helps you identify them when your product is most applicable. If your product can be harnessed in any way to these popular keywords, don't let these moments be missed. The more your product is viewed with what is trending, the more it will be remembered and most likely bought and used. 

For example, a vacation company could influence its audience looking for a summer trip by targeting phrases and keywords such as "vacation getaway," "vacation," or "need a vacation."

Pro tip: Make sure the content of your business matches the popular topics, the target keywords and phrases, and your target audience.

How Can You Check If What You are Hashtagging is Really Trending?

You have paid attention to the trending sites, you have added your product blurbs and your hashtags, but how can you know for sure your ads are being viewed? 

Hashtags Analytics is a full analytical page showing which subjects are trending on a 24-hour basis or longer. It has the analytics, articles, and dictionary for every word you want to see. Just type a word in the search bar, and you will get a full analytical overview of how top companies and users are incorporating that word or phrase in their tweets. Now you can make sure to put your brand over the top and get noticed. 

If you use all the tools that have been laid out for you, your product, brand, property, and voice are certain to be seen and heard on Twitter most efficiently. Simply follow these steps and watch your company's audience expand in no time.

You now have the tools you need to capture the moments and reach multiple audiences. Use these tips and start creating Twitter Ads to market your product. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, start today and Create a Twitter Advertisement Campaign!


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