7 Ways to Keep a Happy and Healthy Freelancing Lifestyle

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You finally made it! You managed to leave your job and become a freelancer doing what you love. Being your own boss comes with a bunch of perks. However, there are some huge responsibilities that come along and you should be careful not to lose yourself along the way.

We have compiled some great tools that you can use and tips to put into practice in order to achieve the ultimate goal of having a healthy and happy work-life balance.
Set boundaries between work and home
When you’re a freelancer, most of the times -- or at least when you are just starting out -- you will most likely be working from home. In this kind of situation, it is easy to mix your work life with your private life, so it is important to set clear boundaries between these two worlds.
A good idea is to designate an area in your home only for work purposes. Make it comfortable and give it the style you think will help you become more creative and productive. Pinterest is a good app to search for inspiration in decorating your workspace.
Create a work schedule
After you have your own space to work from home, it is also important to create a work schedule you can follow -- this will help you become more productive and more efficient in using your time. Try to find the part of the day that works best for you and work around that.
Don’t overload yourself
Organize, organize, organize! An important part of being a freelancer is taking care of your clients and the best way to do this, apart from delivering amazing work, is to stick with your deadlines.
Create folders on your computer for every project to sort your files accordingly. Keep a to-do list for each of them so you can track what has been done and what still remains unfinished. Apps like Wunderlist and Evernote will help you with having a much more organized workflow.
Keep your finances in order
Working as a freelancer means you are responsible for every aspect of your business and it is pretty much common sense that money is a crucial part of your success. Leaving your bills unsettled can be a cause of stress and missing deadlines to pay collaborators could turn into a sudden nightmare.
There are several desktop and mobile applications that can help you manage your budget like Goodbudget or Moni, for example. Keep track of everything that you have spent and will need to pay soon.
Don’t isolate yourself. Socialize!
It is easy to get lost in your own work bubble and forget there is the world outside of what you do for a living. Don’t forget to go out and meet people -- be it for personal or professional purposes. Widen your network with the help of LinkedIn, or if you want a face-to-face interaction, use Meetup to find people with similar interests as yours and join local meetups.
Eat well and exercise
You can have a happier and healthier life by eating well and exercising regularly. A healthy body helps you survive all the stress in freelancing.
Sleeping well is also very important, so make sure you set a good amount of hours for that. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try meditation so you can clear those unpleasant thoughts. Headspace has spoken exercises that take as little as 10 minutes.
Take time off
Don’t forget to have fun! Remember the reasons why you chose to be a freelancer in the first place. Set aside some time to go on a holiday and do activities that will help you take your mind off of work.
Keep these handy tips and have a well-balanced freelancing lifestyle. Now, ready to take your next challenge? Bid on exciting projects today!

Posted 25 October, 2016

Renata Miranda


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