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We’re Going Local - Image 1In addition to over 850 work-from-home job categories on our platform, Freelancer releases Local Jobs, its newest expansion to the job market. This allows its 15 million (now over 50 million) strong user base access to work together for location-specific tasks.

Local jobs helps clients find freelancers who can complete jobs and projects in a specific location -- such as event planning, photography and videography, plumbing, catering, dog walking, hosting and voice over talents, and even performers for a flashmob!


How do I find professionals in my area?

Find the perfect freelancer close to you in just a few steps:

(1) Let freelancers know what you need in this page, and click Get Free Quotes.

(2) Fill out the form to post your project. You can get the complete guide here.

Once you post your project and the bids start coming in, you’ll be able to see how far each freelancer is from you.

You can also view the freelancer’s proximity and location on the profile page where other important information about the freelancer is provided, including feedback and ratings.

What type of jobs can I post on Local Jobs?

There really is no limit in the tasks you can post on Local Jobs. We have millions of talented professionals with different lines of expertise. There is always someone who can do the job for you -- and now, they’re just around the corner.

How much to avail services on Local Jobs?

It’s absolutely free to post a project. We only apply fees once you find a local professional and get the work done. You can see Fees & Charges for more information.



How do I look for jobs around my area?

You’d need to have a Freelancer account to be able to look for jobs in your area. Don’t have one yet? Don’t worry, it’s quick and free to sign up!

Next, you can go to your profile to add your local skills and current location. It’s important you don’t miss this step. This will help your employers get a glimpse of your capability and line of expertise.

You’re now a local service provider and ready to look for jobs around your area! Just click on “Browse” on your navigation bar and select “Projects”. Then, filter your search by location.

Now all you have to do is search for jobs around your area. The new job search allows you to find all jobs in a specific location and proximity.

I’m now a local provider! How do I get paid with Local Jobs? Do I get paid with cash?

Freelancer provides a secure, cash-free online payments system to handle your payments called Milestone Payment.   


Looking for work around your area? Apply and bid to be a local service provider now! Got some location-based work that needs to be done? Post a project and meet with a freelancer near you!


Freelancer Local Jobs is available on both desktop and mobile version. You can download our iPhone app or Android app on iTunes or visit m.freelancer.com on your phone.

Posted 20 January, 2022


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